Be advised: There is a note on the door

I have told you about Nancy in previous posts. Have you heeded my advice? Have you explored the wisdom of her kids?

Nancy and her blog, Young American Wisdom provides excellent insight in minds of young kids. If you are a parent of toddlers, you would be wise to explore what Nancy’s kids are saying. Consider what Nancy shares as a snapshot of your kid’s future. If you are an empty-nester, Nancy’s posts will remind you of days long gone.

Though my boys are still young (5 and 6), Nancy’s posts prepared me for what I found on the outside of my 5yr old’s door.

First came the note that Joe could not come in Charlie’s room. Charlie’s request was met with jeers and tears from Joe. Charlie, always sensitive to the emotions of others, updated his request.

First:  Joe, you may not come in.
Updated to show sensitivity
:  Joe you may come in if I tell you.

After realizing the power of Post-it Notes on doors, Charlie decided to up his game and inform Joe of the rules of play.

Joe if you play with the Legos you have to clean them up.

Charlie is not the only one to leave notes. Joe left the following note for me and Daddy:

Please! Leave for school at 7:30 AM!
(Good thing he specified AM!)

And finally, just because the spelling makes me happy, I am sharing how Charlie spells three days of the week.

22 thoughts on “Be advised: There is a note on the door

  1. How could he not play with the Legos?
    Seriously – best toys EVER!
    Not that I would…
    I mean, I think I have a giant box of them in my parents basement, so it’s not like I can just…
    or would…
    Um… never mind.

    1. Oh they play with the Legos. All the time. And, because the Legos are in Charlie’s room – he gets stuck cleaning up the mess. Well, he’s done playing Mr. Nice Guy … if that’s OK with Joe, of course. 🙂

  2. Can you see me blushing? Thank you very much for the kind and thoughtful plug. It’s SO appreciated! And, I love that you can identify!

    I love how polite the notes are…Charlie could have easily written “Keep Out!” Your boys remind me so much of my guys…towheads and all! Sadly, my guys have lost their white hair, but not their affinity for Legos. Legos Rule!

    1. Well, Charlie is the diplomat in the family. He is polite more often than not. Now Joe? Joe offers up the silent treatment, followed by a storming to his room, slamming the door and locking it. Though there is no handwritten note, the “Keep Out!” sentiment is clear.

      And yes … Legos so rule! May my kids never outgrow them!

  3. I love it. Your boys are so polite! Now if only Jim would clean up the Legos after HE was done with them, my life would be so much easier (and less painful…stepping on those suckers hurts) This reminds me of when Christian handed me notes all afternoon because he was mad about something, so he was doing the ol’ silent treatment. One said something like, “Can you please give me a cookie?” and then another note “I am still very very mad!”

    1. I nearly spit out my smoothly when I read Christian’s clarification that he was still very mad! What a hoot! Seriously, I don’t care who you are – that’s funny right there.
      For the record, I am NOT polite when I step on a Lego. Those suckers DO hurt!

  4. Here we go with the DNA of evolved consciousness, Lenore Diane! (Mentioned in my last post.) See how naturally he moves toward peace? That’s what we, as adult custodians, can nurture, praise and encourage. Yeay!

    Truly, my older brothers and sisters did not have that DNA. No meant NO forever!

    I like this generation! 😀

    1. Thank you for the reminder, Soul Dipper. I do need to nurture Charlie’s kind ways. He definitely moves towards peace on his own – but because you pointed it out, I will do my best to be aware of it and assist him along down that path. Love it!

  5. And how considerate is he that he wants the Legos cleaned up? Stepping on those things in the dark hurt me more than any kidney stone dreamed of.

    Ok, that might be a little dramatic, but still….

    1. Point of clarification – dark of night or light of day – whether or not the sun is present has absolutely nothing to do with the pain experienced when one bare foot meets one plastic brick called ‘Lego’. There is no way to make the pain more dramatic (or traumatic) than it is on its own.

      Ok, I may have exaggerated a wee bit…

  6. It’s amazing what they can write by sounding out the letters…only 6? I’m sure Charlie is learning how powerful it is to write those words and have them deliver his wishes and commands, and then he learned about those repercussions …how those words make someone else feel. How amazing Joey can read it!! Charlie did such a great job with Sunbay, Munday, and Toosbay, So precious.

    1. Thanks, Georgette. Charlie is 5 and Joe is 6. I continue to be impressed with Charlie and Joe’s spelling and writing. They are both left-handed, too.
      The days of the week cracked me up (and gave me a warm fuzzy). I’m keeping those notes for certain!!

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