Be advised: There is a note on the door

I have told you about Nancy in previous posts. Have you heeded my advice? Have you explored the wisdom of her kids?

Nancy and her blog, Young American Wisdom provides excellent insight in minds of young kids. If you are a parent of toddlers, you would be wise to explore what Nancy’s kids are saying. Consider what Nancy shares as a snapshot of your kid’s future. If you are an empty-nester, Nancy’s posts will remind you of days long gone.

Though my boys are still young (5 and 6), Nancy’s posts prepared me for what I found on the outside of my 5yr old’s door. Continue reading “Be advised: There is a note on the door”

What is hiding behind that smile? Proceed with caution.

“How are we doing today?” The man asked, while dusting and cleaning the gas pump.

“We are doing so great today, I can’t stand it!” I replied enthusiastically and with a smile. In truth, I was cranky. Very cranky.  The day began with an unexpected and inconvenient change of plans. And, I was still reeling from a blow-up the previous night. I was tired, overwhelmed, unhappy and cranky. Continue reading “What is hiding behind that smile? Proceed with caution.”