100 Consecutive Days: Entering the Reading Room

Recently, while playing hookey from church, I watched my favorite Sunday television program, “CBS Sunday Morning”. Watching CBS Sunday Morning is a ritual I have enjoyed since I was a kid. Truth be told, I wish I could skip church every Sunday, if only to watch my favorite Sunday morning program. One reason I love the program so much is due to my memories of sitting with my Dad (who also looked for reasons to skip church) and watching the show together.

Before I get to Sunday Morning segment triggering this post, I have a confession. I am not an avid reader. Gosh, I should just go ahead and admit fully, I am not a reader. I know, I shake my head with my own disgust as I admit my shortcoming to you. After all, bloggers tend to be voracious readers. Many blogs pertain to the latest and greatest book. Bloggers throw out names of authors and the books written by the authors, as often as I throw out my love of ice cream and Dutch Monkey Doughnut’s flavor of the day. (Banana cake, by the way. Banana cake is the flavor Dutch Monkey Doughnuts is promoting today.) Continue reading “100 Consecutive Days: Entering the Reading Room”