He’s looking at me

Nowadays, are kids as unfamiliar with the movie ‘Bambi‘ as they are the rotary phone and cassette player? [Spoiler alert!] Even though Bambi’s mother was killed (the butler did it), the movie is full of excellent lessons with very little dialogue.

During one scene, Thumper says about Bambi, “He doesn’t walk very good, does he?” His mother quickly chimes in and says, “Thumper, what did your father tell you this morning?” Thumper responds, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” Continue reading “He’s looking at me”

Be advised: There is a note on the door

I have told you about Nancy in previous posts. Have you heeded my advice? Have you explored the wisdom of her kids?

Nancy and her blog, Young American Wisdom provides excellent insight in minds of young kids. If you are a parent of toddlers, you would be wise to explore what Nancy’s kids are saying. Consider what Nancy shares as a snapshot of your kid’s future. If you are an empty-nester, Nancy’s posts will remind you of days long gone.

Though my boys are still young (5 and 6), Nancy’s posts prepared me for what I found on the outside of my 5yr old’s door. Continue reading “Be advised: There is a note on the door”

The Hangover

I have a hangover. It’s not an alcohol induced hangover. It’s a holiday induced hangover. Rather, it’s a family induced hangover.

Because the boys were sick, we were home for the holidays. And, I don’t mean, we packed up and flew back to our birthplace. No. We were home. We did not pass ‘Go’, and we did not collect $200. Christmas Eve was to be spent at church; that didn’t happen. Christmas day was to be spent at Rob’s parents in the morning and my Mom’s house in the afternoon; that didn’t happen. And the day after Christmas? Yet another day at home.

I’ve referred to my siblings in previous posts. We love each other, and while loving each other, we get on each other’s nerves from time to time. It’s true. Can you relate? Do you get along swimmingly with your siblings all the time? Yes? No? Anyway …

Since my husband, two kids and I have been ‘isolated’ at home for the past several days, I am reminded of the bickering my siblings and I did over the years.

Poor Charlie. Joe has been on Charlie for three days straight. The kid, Charlie, cannot catch a break. And, Joe? Man, I am all over him for being all over Charlie. And Rob? Well, Rob has the gift of being “Dad”. Seriously, this man can tune out anything and everything. Unless … seems being stuck at home with family for several days straight can make even the ‘Tune out’ pro twitch with frustration. I must admit, it is entertaining to see a speck of an Achilles’ heal on this wonderful man.

Fortunately for us, we have family. See? Even when families drive you crazy, you can still turn to your family to find sanity. And, because Joe was no longer sick, he had a ‘Get out of jail free!’ card. So, with the ‘Get out of jail’ card firmly in hand, we phoned Grandma, and we sent Joe to Grandma’s house. After all, Grandma (and Grandpa) is cheaper than boarding school; plus, there is no long term contract.

Because Charlie is sick, it was easy to explain the planned separation to him. (The hard part was not saying, “Honestly Charlie, don’t you want a break from this guy that has been all over you these past several days?!”) Initially, Charlie was bummed to see Joe leave. But Joe? Joe was toe-tapping his way to Grandma’s with a huge grin. And Rob and me? We were happy knowing our boys were happy. And, both boys were happy today.

We’ll spring Joe from boarding school – er – Grandma’s in the morning. He’ll return a happier kid, having had time without his annoying little brother; and, we’ll greet him with open arms, having missed his smiling, cool self.

Yeah, the family/holiday hangover paid a visit to our house without the consumption of any adult beverages. And, if we’re lucky, the family/holiday hangover will pay a visit next year and countless years to come. After all, some things are worth the headache.