The post where I might overthink the dangers of online gaming.

My boys like to play National Geographic’s Animal Jam on the computer. The game allows the kids to create animal characters and live in various parts of the world with other players. Recently and for the first time, Joe and Charlie played Animal Jam simultaneously on separate computers. It was funny watching them get excited about “seeing” each other and interacting online.

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Why Don’t You Help? (Caution: Religious Post)

First things first – the words I share with you in this post, aside from the introduction, are not my words. These words were taken from the March-April 2013 issue of The Upper Room, a daily devotion publication.

The story of Jesus on the cross calling out “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” has troubled me for years. I wondered why – if he was the Son of God – would he question God, and why would he fear his Father’s plan? I still had faith, but my faith coexisted with questions. Plus, I’ve always struggled with Christians labeling today “Good Friday”, when I consider death to be anything but “good”. Continue reading “Why Don’t You Help? (Caution: Religious Post)”

Project 366: Day 317 Through the lens of another

This picture was taken by Tammy McGarity, a professional photographer. She is a Mom to two kids who attend Joe and Charlie’s school. During the Fall Festival, she brought her ‘mac daddy’ camera with her and took some pictures for fun. (I had serious lens-envy.)

This morning is a drag for me. The behavior of my oldest has not been pleasant these past several days, and his behavior last night left me shell-shocked. I’m still unsure how to deal with his actions. Perhaps I’ll be enlightened by the time I pick him up from school.

Through my camera lens, life is full of smiles, silly poses, sunrises, sunsets, and the beauty that surrounds me. Sometimes, behind the lens, there is chaos.

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