Do you hear me?

School is out for the summer. While the kids can be heard singing Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” for the next couple of months, parents break into a rendition of Andy Williams’ “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, when school starts again in the fall.

I like Alice Cooper and Andy Williams, but I channel a different singer and song. In fact, I channel this singer and song throughout the year, regardless of school or school breaks. Read more

Conversations between Neighbors :: A Comparative Study

Many years ago, or maybe just two, I wrote a *cough* fictitious *cough* post about the conversations Dads have with other Dads compared to conversations Moms have with other Moms, while kids are present.

This afternoon, during a telephone conversation with my neighbor, I had to snap at my kids for interrupting me, and my neighbor had to snap at her kids for interrupting her.

Our interrupted phone conversation reminded me of the post I wrote a couple of years ago. Trust me when I say, the post is timeless. Read more

A lesson learned or a door closed

Originally posted on January 29th, I am sharing this story with theYeah Write community today.

On Tuesday January 24th, I posted two pictures for my Project 366. Included with the pictures was a brief explanation of why the boys now shared one room, with a kid-given promise of a clean toy room on Friday January 27th.

Today, I give you an update on the promise and the playroom. Read more