He’s looking at me


Nowadays, are kids as unfamiliar with the movie ‘Bambi‘ as they are the rotary phone and cassette player? [Spoiler alert!] Even though Bambi’s mother was killed (the butler did it), the movie is full of excellent lessons with very little dialogue.

During one scene, Thumper says about Bambi, “He doesn’t walk very good, does he?” His mother quickly chimes in and says, “Thumper, what did your father tell you this morning?” Thumper responds, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” Continue reading

Be advised: There is a note on the door


I have told you about Nancy in previous posts. Have you heeded my advice? Have you explored the wisdom of her kids?

Nancy and her blog, Young American Wisdom provides excellent insight in minds of young kids. If you are a parent of toddlers, you would be wise to explore what Nancy’s kids are saying. Consider what Nancy shares as a snapshot of your kid’s future. If you are an empty-nester, Nancy’s posts will remind you of days long gone.

Though my boys are still young (5 and 6), Nancy’s posts prepared me for what I found on the outside of my 5yr old’s door. Continue reading

While busy doing nothing …


Recently, I met a friend for the weekend. She drove south, and I drove north. We enjoyed staying in a hotel, surrounded by silence. Of course to my friend and I, silence means there are no kids bickering with each other, no gripes about what was made for dinner, and no whines when bedtime is announced. Our silence may have been broken by the television or our own dialogue, but we had control of the volume, the intensity, and the on/off button. Parental paradise.

While together, my friend and I enjoyed eating dinner out at a restaurant. You know – a restaurant. A restaurant is a place where one can order food to eat without having to make it. Even better, a restaurant is a place where they bring the food to your table, and they clean up the mess when you are finished eating. It is amazing! (I don’t get out much.) Continue reading

Our Mentor, Teacher, and Friend


One Tuesday night at 7:10 PM my 5yr old asked, “Mommy, may I call Ms. Suzann?”

Looking at the clock and noting the time, I responded, “Sure. You can try to call her, but she may already be in bed.”

Running to get himself ready for bed, Charlie yelled from his room, “Tell me when you’re ready.” (He needed me to enter Suzann’s phone number.)

I told him I was ready, and he appeared immediately, wearing only his pajama bottoms. Smiling, I dialed the number for him. As I handed him the phone I reminded him, “Please don’t get upset if she doesn’t answer. Just leave her a message. You’ll see her in the morning.” He took the phone, pressing it against his ear, and walked away. Continue reading

Saving $10 to spend $99.99 makes sense to me!


The phone rings. I check caller ID before determining whether or not I will answer the call.


“Is it true Joe has a $100 Lego set?” My neighbor asks.

“Um. Well.” I stammer. “Charlie does.”

We have boys. Boys love Legos. I work from home. Boys make noise. Legos quieten boys. Legos are expensive. I will work for Legos. Continue reading