Do you hear me?

School is out for the summer. While the kids can be heard singing Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” for the next couple of months, parents break into a rendition of Andy Williams’ “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, when school starts again in the fall.

I like Alice Cooper and Andy Williams, but I channel a different singer and song. In fact, I channel this singer and song throughout the year, regardless of school or school breaks.

For instance, when the boys wake up in the morning I remind them that the television needs to be turned off before breakfast. The reminder sounds something like this, “JOE AND CHARLIE! TURN OFF THE TV AND COME EAT BREAKFAST!” Soon, I follow the command with, “DO YOU HEAR ME?”

When breakfast is done, and the boys excuse themselves from the table, I remind them to brush their teeth. As they scamper off in a direction opposite of the bathroom, I yell, “Do you hear me?”

Before lunch, one might hear me yell outside, “Joe! Charlie! Come inside! It is lunch time! Don’t forget to wash your hands!”

After the door slams shut twice, I remind the boys to wash their hand and follow the reminder with, “Do you hear me?”

Throughout the afternoon, as I try to get work done for my paid gig, as well as the non-paid gig of being a housewife, one might hear me yell, “Guys! Stop wrestling!” Followed by, “Do you hear me?!”

Shortly afterwards, one may hear me yell, “Turn the TV off!!” Again followed by, “Do you hear me?!”

Fifteen minutes later, it is safe to say I will yell, “Joe! Leave your brother alone!” And yes, I follow it up with, “Do you hear me?!”

Five minutes later, when Charlie appears at my desk whining that Joe called him a baby, I might say something along the lines of, “Charlie. Please. Stop whining. Ignore Joe. Do you hear me?”

When my paid gig is over for the day and before supper, one might hear me yell to one of my sons, “Clean up the playroom!”  Followed soon by, “Charlie… Do you hear me?”

After supper, one might hear me shout to my other son, “Get in the tub!” Followed soon by, “Joe… Do you hear me?”

Last night, after supper and baths, the four of us took a walk around the cul-de-sac. Fifteen minutes later, I said, “Come on guys, let’s go inside now.”

“Boys! Do you hear me?”

I turned to Rob and asked the question, “Rob, who sings ‘Words’?”

He responds, “Missing Persons.”

“Right.” I say. “I am Dale Bozzio. I think of her every time I yell, ‘Do you hear me?’

The lyrics to the song ‘Words’ includes “My lips are moving and the sound’s coming out – The words are audible but I have my doubts … I might as well go up and talk to a wall – ’cause all the words are having no effect at all …”


Just listen or listen and watch. DO YOU HEAR ME?!



26 thoughts on “Do you hear me?

    1. WHAT?! Ask me again – REALLY LOUD – FIVE TIMES – then maybe I’ll hear you, but more than likely I’ll just respond with a “WHAT?! OKAY! I heard you!” *sigh*

  1. I couldn’t remember what I always said to my boys, so I e-mailed my son and he said I finished every statement, order, request or sentence with “Are you listening to me me?” Good post..,

    1. Are you listening to me – do you hear me.
      Tomato – squash. It is all the same.

      I love the fact that you emailed your son and asked. Cracks me up. You made my day.

  2. I don’t know if wp can hear. I just found this, this morning. Talking with D#2 after her school day yesterday, she was just giddy in anticipation of just a few more days of school.

  3. Fun post, Lenore. All the good responses are taken, so I guess I’ll have to give the video a viewing!

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