Conversations between Neighbors :: A Comparative Study

Many years ago, or maybe just two, I wrote a *cough* fictitious *cough* post about the conversations Dads have with other Dads compared to conversations Moms have with other Moms, while kids are present.

This afternoon, during a telephone conversation with my neighbor, I had to snap at my kids for interrupting me, and my neighbor had to snap at her kids for interrupting her.

Our interrupted phone conversation reminded me of the post I wrote a couple of years ago. Trust me when I say, the post is timeless.


One nice afternoon, Rob took the boys outside to play. While he was outside, he noticed Jim coming out with his kids. Rob walked over to Jim’s house.

“So Jim,” Rob begins. “How are you doing?”

“Great, Rob.” Jim replied. “How are things with you?”

“Can’t complain. Can’t complain.” Rob said. “Hey, did you take part in The Big Green Egg Festival this past weekend?”

“Actually, Rob, I did. I’ll go get a couple of beers, and I’ll tell you all about it.”

“Great! I’ll take a Fat Tire, please.”

“You got it.”

Moments later, Jim returns with two cold beers. He begins to tell Rob all about the Egg-fest. Two hours (and four beers) later, Lenore and Noreen emerge from their houses.

“Hey guys!” The gals yell in unison, “Where are the kids?”

The guys look at each other, shrug their shoulders and say, “They’re around here somewhere.”


One nice afternoon, Lenore takes her kids outside to play. She notices Noreen is already out with her kids, so she joins her in the driveway.

“Hi, Noreen.” Lenore says with smile. “How are you?”

“I’m good, thanks.” Noreen says. “David! Stay out of the mud, please!”

“Where is Jim?” Lenore asks.

“Oh, he’s inside taking a nap. And, Rob? Stephanie! Leave the cat alone!”

“Asleep on the couch. Charlie! You leave the cat alone, too!

Noreen asks, “Did I tell you my Auntie was coming in town from England?”

“No. When will she be in town?” Lenore responds.

“Well, it looks like -” Noreen stops short, “David! Do NOT throw that rock at your sister!”

She continues, “It looks like she’ll arrive -” 

Lenore cuts her off, “Oh. Hang on a second – Joe! Stop digging around Mr. Smith’s yard.”

“Sorry.” Lenore says.

“She’ll arrive later this week. She has her last show in London on Tuesday, and she’ll –  Stephanie! I said, leave the cat alone!”

“Her show?” Lenore inquires. “Is she an actress?”

“Yes. She’s been – “David! What did I say about the rocks?”

Joe! Get out of the street! There is a car coming!”

“Stephanie, did you wet your pants?”

“Charlie,  don’t run or you’re going to – CHARLIE! Are you OK?”

“Sorry, Noreen. We need to cut this short. Maybe we can try again tomorrow?”

“Sure! See you tomorrow.”

Noreen and Lenore corral the kids and head home. As Lenore enters her house, Rob slowly sits upright on the couch asking, “Were you out visiting with Noreen? Did you gals have a nice conversation?”


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69 thoughts on “Conversations between Neighbors :: A Comparative Study

  1. This is the opposite in our house… I am COMPLETELY laid back with our four…. Its Gerry who is ON TOP of them. NOTE: any injuries? Tend to occur during Gerry’s watch, not mine. Go figure. When I started reading this I thought it was going to be about the difference between guys talking about nothing (weather, big green egg whatever, etc.) and women talking about EVERYTHING (feelings, relationships, everything BUT the weather, etc.). Funny read. 🙂

    1. Why am I not surprised, Deanne?! 🙂 I love how you point out the injuries tend to occur on Gerry’s watch. Interestingly enough, the injuries happen more to our boys when Rob is watching. Hmmm….
      I’m sure Jim and Rob have many conversations about the weather, too. Still, what you said cracked me up, because you are soooo right!

  2. So funny. My husband is generally good about keeping tabs on the kids but i just think we naturally do it better. LOL and it never fails, the one time I want to or need to call or carry a conversation there are several interruptions from the kids.. Like it’s there master plan to terrorize me, their dad, their sibling, the poor animals. Just never fails.

    1. Seriously – what is it about the phone and the bathroom that causes a light to go on in the kids’ head, “Hey! Let’s find Mom and ask her some random question that cannot wait!” Silly kids. Glad you had a nice laugh, Fraha. Thank you for reading.

  3. In my sister’s house it’s the opposite. Dad is very protective. But, I do believe what you portray is more typical. Probably you balance each other out. Cute story..

    1. Rob and I definitely balance each other out, Stephanie. You hit the nail on the head. I am so grateful Rob is as laid back as his is – honest. In fact, I’m envious of his ability to relax. Glad you enjoyed the story.

  4. OMG, THIS IS HILARIOUS (and sooo true!) THe more I read, the more I laughed until I almost did what Stephanie did 🙂 Did you ever find out what Noreen’s aunt was coming to visit for? Oh, wait, I should probably ask Rob, he’s more likely to be able to finish his sentence! Except after 4 Fat Tires, maybe not!! This was just the best ever post!!!

    1. Hahahaha! You probably SHOULD ask Rob. He and Jim may have discussed it during their 2hr uninterrupted conversation!! Noreen’s Aunt was coming for a visit. She hadn’t been to the states in years, so it was a big deal to have her in town. I am glad you liked the post. Your kind words are appreciated.

  5. It’s great how kids suddenly need your urgent attention when you are on the phone. Come to think of it, Lotte, my Tibetan spaniel does too. 🙂

  6. Hey, have you been spying on me? This sounds suspiciously exactly like my life for the last decade. . .

  7. This is timeless! And so true. I am forever watching the kids and my husband may have invented “laid back”.
    Also, about the interrupted phone conversations: When I was picking up my son from school one day he wanted to ask his teacher something before we left. I told him to go and ask and he looked at me and said:”Mom, don’t you see that he’s talking to someone? I can’t interrupt him, we’ll have to wait.” MIND BLOWN. I don’t thing I’ve ever had a phone conversation that was NOT interrupted by him…

    1. Hahahahaha!! My son will do the same thing. The respect my kids have for their teachers makes me proud. Sure wish it was the same for their parents. (smile)
      Glad you liked this, Kerstin. Thanks for your time.

  8. Lenore I am going to echo what Mags said, “that is exactly how it is around the world”. 🙂 You always capture these daily events so beautifully with your words Lenore. Great post. 🙂

  9. So true and so funny. And kind of wants to make me cry at the same time! What I wouldn’t do for 2 hours of uninterrupted adult conversation over some beers!

    1. Exactly, Mama – 2hrs of uninterrupted time with a friend?! Glorious! I tip my hat to the Dads in the world that are able to ‘relax’. I tip my hat to the Moms, too. Wish I had more of the relaxed spirit. 🙂 Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting.

      1. But girls in a very short time, you will have all the time to yourselves. Believe me, those littlies will become biggies and move off into the world on their own. And it does seem to happen really quickly. Enjoy these busy years 🙂

        1. Excellent point, Judith. Plus, I have boys. They will likely need me less and less with each passing day. I will look back LONGING for hugs and snuggles from my boys. Okaaaaaay, I’ll enjoy the busy. (Sometimes.) 🙂

  10. Yes!! All the time! I have these conversations with friends almost every day. And especially when I’m on the phone. Everyone is behaving and quiet until I get on the phone. For some unexplainable reason as soon as I’m talking it becomes a free for all with my kids. The thing is I’m rarely on the phone so it makes me just slightly crazy.:)
    Great post!

    1. Thank you, Heidi! It literally must be in the DNA of kids, the way they are attracted to their parents the instant their parent becomes busy. 🙂 And like you, I am rarely on the phone… I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

  11. Oh jeez, this is so true! I can’t decide if we women are too involved or the men aren’t enough – probably some of both, which is why we balance one another.

    I love your new look – very snazzy!

    1. Yes, I think it is a bit of both, and I am grateful for the balance my other half provides. But it still drives me crazy!! (smile)

      Glad you like the new look. I thought it went better with my ‘photo-themed’ year.

    1. Takes two to parent and two to Tango. (smile) Well, it is easier with two, I know there are many ‘singletons’ doing a great job, too. Sha’woo! That’s a whole lot of work.

    1. I wish I had enough patience to turn the tables. I’m not sure I could sit back and watch the set-up take place. I’d still want to jump in and bark commands. (smile)

  12. my husband is convinced he is the best parent in the universe with no training whatsoever. it’s taken me a year and a half to figure out why the doctors even let me leave the hospital with the baby. MEN.

  13. I’d add the occasional panic-hidden-by-false-casual-tone question, “Dude, where did the kids go?” But only once in a while.

    Funny observation, though. Can the ladies occasionally have a cold beer, too? Or hard apple cider?

    1. Well let me tell you… your patience while this happens is appreciated. Please do your best to follow the cryptic and often interrupted conversations that take place. (smile) Thanks for visiting and commenting!

    1. Thank you, Kristin. I appreciate you stopping by my neighborhood and reading this post. I am glad you agree – when you’re right – you’re right. (smile)
      And, thank you very much for re-blogging and recommending my post. I am grateful for the shout-out! Thanks again, Kristin.

    1. Greetings, Jessica. Thank you for stopping by and reading. I am glad you liked it. I am grateful for the balance, though a constant middle-of-the road would be nice. Downright dreamy! 🙂

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