Revealing the Clutter

We are leaving town. Adios! Ciao! See ya!

Before we go, I am trying to straighten up the house for our dog/house sitter. Though I prefer to come home to a clean home, I’m not sure I would push myself so hard if we did not have someone staying here while are gone. Plus, with two dogs, the house will not be clean when we get home. Dog hair collects quickly.

Knowing someone is going to stay at our house, I am seeing the clutter through a different lens. We are not slobs, but we do have piles of stuff scattered about here and there.

For instance, this baker’s rack is used as a collection station. Try as I may to keep it looking ‘tidy’, the look fades as fast as the dog hair piles up. Please note the irony that I, a non-baker, own a baker’s rack.

When I turn around, I am facing the computer hutch. Thankfully, I can hide the mess inside by closing the doors. Alas, I am unable to close any doors to hid the chaos organized papers Rob keeps on top of the hutch. Our house sitter will see this clutter, as I do not mess with my husband’s filing system.

Yes, I did paint the picture hanging on the wall. I painted it at one of those “sip and stroke” places.

As I sit in my bedroom, deciding what clothes I need to bring vs. what clothes I will actually wear (the biggest challenge ever), I find more spots of clutter.

I have no plans to hide what is on that chair, though I will make sure the Grinch is sitting up properly. Oh, and I will wash Rob’s shorts. Those shorts will not be hanging on the drawers when our house-sitter arrives.

Also in the bedroom, our house sitter will find the picture I purchased at Joe’s school, along with a veritable plethora of ‘stuff’ I have yet to toss or relocate. Maybe, if my husband gets a wild hair, Rob will hang the painting before we leave. I doubt it, because he shaved his wild hairs yesterday.

The plastic bin in the right corner will go with us on the trip. Lucky bin.

Of course, these pups are staying here. I just hope they don’t throw any wild parties.


To the bloggers I follow as well as the bloggers that follow me, please know I will not forget you. Internet access will be sporadic at best, so I will miss many posts between now and when we return, and I may be unable to respond to any comments left for me. Rest assured, when I have internet access, I will certainly check in with you.


30 thoughts on “Revealing the Clutter

  1. I do house-sitting and pet-sitting, so trust me – as long as your place isn’t completely disgusting, guests are usually more concerned that they leave everything exactly as it was.

    Additionally, I’m going on a vacation soon (no phone service, no internet) and I have the same anxieties about leaving my blog friends for an extended period of time. But do try to enjoy yourself!

    1. Welcome to my neighborhood, Smile! I was able to clean the house to my liking, so I won’t be embarrassed when the house sitter shows up. Sha’woo.
      I hope you have a wonderful vacation. Thanks again for visiting.

  2. It is hard, leaving pets and blogging friends behind, it’s what we do all day! Our hubbies use the same filing system, I see. I like the picture you painted! What other talents are you hiding from us? Had to laugh at shaving the wild hairs! Have fun!!

    1. I hope to still post pictures, Patti. I just have to rely on my cousins for internet access, and I can’t ‘bank’ on it. We’ll see. I love the fact that we are going to a place where internet is not readily available. Television is almost non-existent, though we will be able to watch the Olympics.

  3. Lenore—I always try to pre clean, too!!! I hate coming home to a dirty house and the thing I always have to do is make sure there are clean sheets on the bed! I still have Andy, by the way, this week has been somewhat of a nightmare and I needed his comfort. Will be sending him on, just not sure what day!!!! 🙂

    1. I was successful, Beth Ann. The house is clean. Rob even mopped the floor in the kitchen/dinning room. I KNOW!! Alas, the dogs are inside, so it’s not as clean as it was …. (smile) Sorry you’ve had a nightmarish week. May the weekend be kind and relaxing. I am glad Andy is providing you comfort.

    1. Hahahahaha! The hats provide a nice balance, eh? We’re staying in Ft. Chiswell on the way back. I may have to shoot you an email and get a coffee meeting on the books.

  4. Have a great trip!

    And seriously – if you feel like pulling off for some coffee on the stretch of I-84 after you cross the Hudson, let me know! Shoot me an email and I can give you my “digits” 🙂 (No worries if you don’t feel like a coffee, of course!)

    1. I will email you my cell phone number, Leonore. We’ll be in ‘your area’ on Friday. We’re driving from Harrisburg, PA to Bangor, ME. Email me your phone number, too. At the very least, I will take a minute to text you on my non-smart phone. It will be a short message, since I have to press each number several times to get to the letter I need. 🙂

  5. Ah the clutter of our lives. Since my baby girl is now mobile, dragging herself through the house, I too am seeing my house in a new light. All the stuff for little hands to find! I hope you enjoy your trip! Talk to you when you get back.

    1. Babies on the move are like mini-detectives, Angel. They search and find so many different things. I cannot believe she is already moving around – it seems like just yesterday you let us know you gave birth! Time flies.

    1. We are, MJ! We are!! We hope to pull in to my Mom’s driveway on Saturday around 3pm AT. Sooooo excited! Our first day of driving will be close to 13hrs. ACK. Good thing the destination is worth the drive! 🙂

  6. Oh, I feel the same way when I leave town. I definitely make a big effort to clean and tidy up. When Reggie comes with me, my place remains “as is.”

    Have a great trip! i look forward to hearing about it.

    1. I wish we could take Wilbur and Cherokee. They would have so much fun, and I would enjoy coming home to a cleaner home. (smile) Thanks for the well wishes. We are excited!

      1. We’re in New Brunswick so you would have driven past unless you took the ferry over. Glad you like the Maritimes. It’s not for everyone…and that’s a good thing. If you know what I mean. 🙂

  7. I know what you mean about seeing your clutter through another’s lens. I used to clean up before the cleaning lady came…back when I had a cleaning lady and a real house to clean. Your clutter doesn’t look all that bad to me. Just comfortably lived in.

    Have a wonderful vacation. We’ll all still be here and you will feel buried by what we’ve done in your absence. Well, maybe not me, cuz I’m in lazy mode. 😉

    1. I was humored by the fact that folks cleaned for the cleaning lady, Linda. But, I get it now. We don’t have a cleaning lady, but if we did – I would certainly tidy up the place before she arrived.

    1. You’ve never heard ‘wild hair’? Wow. I’m not sure where it originates. I’ll have to do some research and get back with you on that one. Stay tuned. 😀

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