Accepted Today and Leading Tomorrow

The Boy Scouts of America got it right. It is one very important step forward. Is it a leap? Frankly, to their organization, it is a leap, which makes the step that much more important.

The Boys Scouts of America have changed their policy to allow openly gay children into the Boy Scouts beginning January 1, 2014. This is not a “Don’t ask – don’t tell” policy; this is a “come as you are” policy, and it should be applauded. Continue reading “Accepted Today and Leading Tomorrow”

Revealing the Clutter

We are leaving town. Adios! Ciao! See ya!

Before we go, I am trying to straighten up the house for our dog/house sitter. Though I prefer to come home to a clean home, I’m not sure I would push myself so hard if we did not have someone staying here while are gone. Plus, with two dogs, the house will not be clean when we get home. Dog hair collects quickly.

Knowing someone is going to stay at our house, I am seeing the clutter through a different lens. We are not slobs, but we do have piles of stuff scattered about here and there.

For instance, this baker’s rack is used as a collection station. Try as I may to keep it looking ‘tidy’, the look fades as fast as the dog hair piles up. Please note the irony that I, a non-baker, own a baker’s rack.

When I turn around, I am facing the computer hutch. Thankfully, I can hide the mess inside by closing the doors. Alas, I am unable to close any doors to hid the chaos organized papers Rob keeps on top of the hutch. Our house sitter will see this clutter, as I do not mess with my husband’s filing system.

Yes, I did paint the picture hanging on the wall. I painted it at one of those “sip and stroke” places.

As I sit in my bedroom, deciding what clothes I need to bring vs. what clothes I will actually wear (the biggest challenge ever), I find more spots of clutter.

I have no plans to hide what is on that chair, though I will make sure the Grinch is sitting up properly. Oh, and I will wash Rob’s shorts. Those shorts will not be hanging on the drawers when our house-sitter arrives.

Also in the bedroom, our house sitter will find the picture I purchased at Joe’s school, along with a veritable plethora of ‘stuff’ I have yet to toss or relocate. Maybe, if my husband gets a wild hair, Rob will hang the painting before we leave. I doubt it, because he shaved his wild hairs yesterday.

The plastic bin in the right corner will go with us on the trip. Lucky bin.

Of course, these pups are staying here. I just hope they don’t throw any wild parties.


To the bloggers I follow as well as the bloggers that follow me, please know I will not forget you. Internet access will be sporadic at best, so I will miss many posts between now and when we return, and I may be unable to respond to any comments left for me. Rest assured, when I have internet access, I will certainly check in with you.


My Story :: Prologue

When I started my blog back in 2010, I wondered if I would ever reach a point where I felt comfortable enough to share everything about myself and my life. To date, while I’ve shared many things with you, I have not shared everything. Plus, I realize I do not need to share everything with you.

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine came to me with horrible news. While I listened to her story, I could not help but remember my own story, and I realized the time had come for me to share my story with others. Continue reading “My Story :: Prologue”