Another Contest Gone to the Dogs

Good people of the Blogosphere – readers, writers, and stalkers alike – I am coming to you with a contest idea.

Jackie and her Friday Five for July 6th was the proverbial straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. (No real straw or camels were used or harmed, and no backs were broken.)

I am a lover of dogs. Though I prefer big dogs, my love is blind to color, breed, size, mix, sex, etc. I know many of my followers and many of those I follow have dogs. And frankly, I want to see more dogs!

So, please email me your best dog picture. I will post my top five favorites, and I will leave the final decision up to the voters. Please note: By emailing me your dog picture, you are granting me permission to post your picture on my blog and edit the size of the photo, if needed, to fit in my blog.

The winner will receive a gift certificate for a free pint of Ben & Jerry’s, and I will make a donation to his/her animal charity of choice.  If the person is lactose intolerant, I will happily eat the reward myself. Oh, I jest. If the winner is lactose intolerant, I will come up with another prize of equal value, and I will make a donation to his/her animal charity of choice.

Submissions must be received no later than Saturday July 14th at Midnight (ET). Voting will begin on Sunday July 15th. Please email your submissions to me: lenorediane(at)yahoo(dot)com. Only one entry allowed per person.

In an effort to motivate you, I’m sharing one of my favorite pictures of my all-time favorite (most beloved) four-legged friend, Lina. She was my pride and joy.


38 thoughts on “Another Contest Gone to the Dogs

  1. For the record, I totally voted for you. Number two: HOW AM I GOING TO CHOOSE THE PICTURE? I have so many pics of my babies. I think mostly you just stressed me out and I deserve TWO pints for the stress. Oh yeah, and IT’S ON!!!!

    1. You still have my offline email address, right, Judith? Send me your best Lotte picture to that address. Even better, I’ll send you a note, so you can just reply with an attachment. I look forward to seeing Lotte’s closeup. (smile)

  2. I’m so-o-o-o motivated–particularly after seeing your amazing photo of Lina! What a beautiful, special friend she must have been and I am sorry for your loss! I’m frantically searching through my photos of my beloved “girls with fur” (both those with us now and the one we had to let go to “Rainbow Bridge”. I’m thinking she is probably playing with Lina about now! We have always owned only rescue dogs so Jackie’s post struck a serious chord with me and bless her for being a giver of her time to help at the animal shelter. The world needs lots of people like that! Can I take a moment for a little story here? On my s—ty th birthday 🙂 my kids wanted to have a big party … I said NOT! They insisted and knowing how we support our humane society here as our charity of choice, they decided on a “animal theme” party. Guests were asked to not bring gifts, but to bring dog food, cat litter, toys, doggy treats of a jillion different kinds, towels, blankets (they can never have enuf) and many of our friends donated money in my honor. The caterer served everything in new stainless steel dog bowls, and kitty litter pans, scoops and all and they were donated to the shelter as well! People could bring their pets to the party and the dogs even had their own cake (made by a dog bakery here) shaped like a big MilkBone! It was the coolest party ever and we besides all the great items the humane society received, a little over $500 was donated as well!! It was definitely worth turning 60, for sure! (oops, I just gave my secret away, huh?) Hey, thanks for letting me take up so much space on your site. Maybe someone will pick up on the idea … it was a definite win-win! Gotta go look for some pics … needing me some B&J (my guilty pleasure, as well)

    1. Oh my goodness, Donna!! What a fantastic idea! I absolutely love the party your family threw for you. IT was a total win-win. Even if folks don’t read your comment, rest assured I will spread the party idea. I cannot tell you how much I love it!

      Lina was a rescue dog of sorts. Her Mom was sent to Boston for a job, and she could not take Lina with her. So, I was blessed with the opportunity to make her my own when she was 5yrs old. I had been her dog sitter for over a year.

      Our two dogs are rescue dogs, and I can’t imagine having anything other than rescue dogs. Thank you for reading Jackie’s post. I really enjoy her blog, and Friday is always a treat.

      I look forward to seeing your picture. Here’s to our furry friends playing happily together.

  3. What a wonderful idea, Lenore! I’m so happy to hear that Reggie’s constant quest for snacks inspired such an outpouring of affection. I’ll be sending you his photo. 🙂

  4. The pictures don’t have to be of our own dogs, do they? I never had a dog (and won’t until I have a big yard away from the road) but I’ve got some awesome pictures of other people’s dogs. I’m trying to decide from three that I narrowed it down to. (But how???)

    Lena was a beauty!

    1. Absolutely not, Leonore. The picture can be of anyone’s dog, provided you took the picture. I’m glad you’re going to send in a picture. And yes, my best fur friend was a beauty – inside and out.

    2. Lina was a beauty. This sounds like fun, have to dig out the pix, our doggie’s been gone a long time.

  5. Aw…I LOVE that picture!!! I don’t have any right at the moment with me on this computer but I am sure I could find one of either my sister’s Rottweiler Samantha or my sister in law’s Golden Doodle Snickerdoodle!!! Even if I don’t get them entered in time I am loving this idea!!!!

    1. You could email your sister or sister-in-law, Beth Ann. Perhaps they could enter in your absence. Maybe they’d even share the ice cream, if one of the two won! (smile) I’d love to see a Rottie enter the contest.

  6. Lina is a beauty! I’m with Kim — I am dogless at the moment but my archives are so full of dog pictures it would take forever to choose just one. I love the generosity of your contest prize.

    1. Thank you, HC. I hope you find time to comb through your archives. You can even snap a picture of a friend’s dog. If you have any friends cool enough to have a dog. (smile) Making a donation is an easy thing to do. I tip my hat to those that actually do the work.

    1. I know, Steve. I felt a pain in my heart when I decided to leave it to one picture per owner. Psst… have your Beloved submit someone else’s dog. (wink)
      I sure hope I receive an email with a picture of Penny attached. I’m waiting.

  7. She was a beauty!

    I have sent you a photo to consider and if I win please consider supporting the Humane Society, that’s where we got our best fur-ever friend.


  8. I recently did a post with 10 pictures of Shelby about the lessons I learned from having a rescued animal. I’m sure I can come up with one favorite….well, maybe I can come up with one favorite. Maybe it wil take me all week. I love this contest.

    1. Take the week, Katy. I am sure you’ll find a wonderful one of Shelby – though choosing ‘the best’ will be a chore. I look forward to receiving the picture.

    1. Hello Patty, thank you for visiting. Lina was precious – we still miss her. I popped over to your place, and I noticed you rescued two pups. Rescued dogs are the best.

  9. This contest came at the perfect time. My brother and his family just arrived from Oregon to stay with us and they have two adorable dogs. I already have a couple pics in mind that I’ve taken of them. As soon as I can narrow it down I’ll send you one! Great idea, Lenore!

  10. You know what…
    this is ridiculous, but… I… I don’t think I have ANY dog photos (that weren’t taken in the 90’s on a disposable camera, anyway). *Slaps forehead* D-Oh!

    1. Well SIG – your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a dog in your neighborhood and take a picture of it. Go ahead. We’ll wait. (Until the 14th, that is.)

  11. Lina was such a beauty! You must miss her. I wish I’d seen this earlier so that I could send Moti’s and Bulu’s pictures. And Layla’s and Foochoo’s, too. 😦

    1. But it is not too late, Priya. It is not yet Midnight here in the States. I’ll send you an email in the hope you get it today.
      Lina was a joy, Priya. I miss her every day.

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