A Dog Gone Good Contest

Today is Wednesday July 11th, have you submitted your dog photo yet? Entries will not be accepted after midnight on the 14th of July. (That’s this coming Saturday for the calendar challenged.)

What is this talk about submitting a dog photo? Well, you can access my original post here. Suffice it to say, I’m looking for the best (non-professional) picture that you (or your loved one) took of a dog. I will pick my top five favorites, and I will leave the final decision to the voters.

As it stands now, I have 11 entries. The first batch was shared in this post [click here]. Below you’ll find the most recent entries from the likes of Go Jules Go, Judith Living Her Life, Sandra (a non-blogging Texan), Darla the Maineiac, Leonore the Linguist, Laura (a non-blogging Nevadan) and Katy the Madwoman (no offense, Katy).

Remember, I need your pictures by Midnight Saturday July 14th. Email the file to me, lenorediane(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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19 thoughts on “A Dog Gone Good Contest

  1. Oh my GOSH! How will you ever pick?! These are amazing! The one with the blue gate over the window (not entirely sure what kind of dog) – that looked like it was from a calendar! And I do believe I saw Katy the Madwoman’s Shelby; so gorgeous.

    1. They are getting better and better, Jules. I’m becoming more nervous with the decision making. I may have to pick more than five. I am so happy with the response. What fun – and what a great cause!

  2. My current dogs both think that the camera steals their souls and run in the other direction whenever I try to take a picture. I do have lots of pics of my very photogenic husky, but she has long since shuffled off this mortal coil. Besides, my votes are already bought-er, um . . . Promised to another. Yeah. Promised.

    1. Hahahahahaha! Deceased dogs are welcome to enter. Well, they may have a hard time entering the contest, but the owner of the deceased pooch could still post the pup’s pict.
      A promise is a promise …

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