Last Bark: Submit your Dog Photos Now!


I am happily overwhelmed with the response to my dog-gone good contest. The pictures I’ve received are wonderful. I am thrilled to see so many dog lovers in the midst. You folks have great taste in friends!

There is still a bit of time left if you want to enter the contest. Please see my original post for complete details [click here], and send your pictures to lenorediane(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Take a moment and check out the latest entries including Bosco by Debbie, Coco by Melinda, Cooling off by Patti at A New Day Dawns, Water Dog by Oregon, Reggie by Jacquelin Cangro, Tobi by Country Wife, Lily by Sierra, Chicklet by Sue at Mariner 2 Mother, Carmella by Snoring Dog, Sunny by Katy at TriKatyKid, and Lucy by 1PointPerspective.


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19 thoughts on “Last Bark: Submit your Dog Photos Now!

  1. Hi! I don’t have any cute dog shots. I just wandered over here from Angie’s blog to avoid that creepy, deer-in-the-headlights chick she has featured on her sidebar. Here, at last, I finally feel safe.

    • Welcome to my neighborhood, Caroline. I appreciate your visit. I hope you’ll return, if only to vote for one of the top five pooches.
      Thank you again for stopping by my place.

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