Project 366: Day 190

What to post? What to post? That was the question repeated over and over again in my mind. Finding a picture to share with you on a daily basis is getting tougher and tougher.

Then, around 6:15 pm, something amazing happened. Something that had not happened in over a month suddenly fell from the skies. Then and there, I knew what I was going to share with you today. Even the cicadas sang with joy. Enjoy, and God bless.


According to our rain gauge, we received about 2 1/2 inches of glorious rain in 30 minutes.


12 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 190

    1. Nah. They were enjoying dinner with Daddy at Steak and Shake. (Which they did love.) BUT – they DID love seeing the gushing ‘rivers’ throughout the neighborhood when they returned home. It was still pouring, and the streets were covered with water.

    1. Last night’s rain was wonderful! When I went walking this morning, I was amazed at the debris in the neighborhood. Rob and I noticed two trees downed by lighting. I didn’t realize it was going to be that big a storm when I started filming.

    1. I’m calling you out Oma. You were not breaking off your dead grass – your automatic mower was doing the job for you. I believe you had a cold beverage in your hand, my friend. (Rain coming soon. Promise!)

  1. So glad you got some needed rain. I wish I could have shared the 12 inches we got last week.

    There is almost nothing more soothing than the sound of a summer rain (unless it is the ocean, of course).

    1. I know, Katy. You guys were hit way hard, eh? Feast or famine is what they say. It’s funny, as I listened to the rain, I thought it resembled crashing waves.

  2. I wish I could transport that from my screen to the backyard. Maybe if I play the video out in the yard the plants will stress less!

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