Last Bark: Submit your Dog Photos Now!

I am happily overwhelmed with the response to my dog-gone good contest. The pictures I’ve received are wonderful. I am thrilled to see so many dog lovers in the midst. You folks have great taste in friends!

There is still a bit of time left if you want to enter the contest. Please see my original post for complete details [click here], and send your pictures to lenorediane(at)yahoo(dot)com. Continue reading “Last Bark: Submit your Dog Photos Now!”

A Dog Gone Good Contest

Today is Wednesday July 11th, have you submitted your dog photo yet? Entries will not be accepted after midnight on the 14th of July. (That’s this coming Saturday for the calendar challenged.)

What is this talk about submitting a dog photo? Well, you can access my original post here. Suffice it to say, I’m looking for the best (non-professional) picture that you (or your loved one) took of a dog. I will pick my top five favorites, and I will leave the final decision to the voters. Continue reading “A Dog Gone Good Contest”