Project 366: Day 147

Friday nights are fun nights at our house. The four of us plop ourselves in front of the TV for a movie and special treat. The biggest challenge on Friday nights is picking the movie.

This week, we could not agree on a movie. “Now what are we going to do that is fun?” Joe asked. “I don’t know. Call your Dad.” I responded.

Joe called Rob, “Daddy, I don’t like any of the movies for tonight. Can we bake something instead? Like maybe a cake?”

Joe finished his conversation with Rob and said to me, “Daddy said we could bake a cake. I need to look through the cookbook and pick one out. We’ll have to check the ingredients and make sure we have everything. If not, Daddy said he would stop at the store. I can’t reach the cookbook; will you please get it for me?”

Joe asked me to get the “Good Housekeeping” cookbook. I opened the cabinet where the books were kept, and I pulled down the cookbook.

“No Mommy, this is the “Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook”. See?” He says, pointing to the cover. “I want the ‘Good Housekeeping’ one.”

“Joe, I don’t think we have a ‘Good Housekeeping’ cookbook. Let’s -” He interrupts me and points to the cabinet, “Yes we do – it is the one on the top.”

I reach for the top cookbook. “Oh. Here you go.”

Joe flipped through the cake recipes and chose a carrot cake with cream cheese icing recipe. As I type, the men in my life are busy in the kitchen. Come back Sunday for a shot of the finished creation.

We are now accepting applications from parents interested in having their child date Joe. Act now, as this kid is certain to be a hit.



14 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 147

  1. Raising your boys right! Not only does the little guy know his way around the kitchen, he knows how to interact with adults to assert himself and he knows what he wants! I’m afraid if I lived at your house I’d be so well-fed I’d become a 10-ton Tilly.

    1. Well, I’m not sure I’m raising the boys right. It is their Dad that is the baker. (smile) Thankfully, I’m not a cake fan, so this latest cookfest won’t enlarge my waist. Now, when they bake cookies ….

    1. I understand the point of family night, but I laugh at the concept. Because, we spend a ton of time together as a family. We almost need a non-family night. Alas, that will come when the boys get older, so I’ll milk their attention while I have it. 🙂

    1. Honestly, Kim. I need to call Rob’s Mom and Dad and thank them for raising their son so well. If it were not for Rob, there would be no special cooking nights. Today the threesome made popsicles. Tomorrow night, the three are sleeping in the tent. I am so glad I didn’t have girls. (hahahaha!)

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