Project 366: Day 81

Spring is here, bringing with it lawn mowing season.

Before revving up the lawnmower (fine, my husband had to start it for me), I captured Cherokee observing her domain from the tall and cool grass. (Fine, we have weeds not grass.)



23 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 81

  1. You must stop posting such sweet pics of dogs, Lenore. I want one. wah!

    We will be mowing the lawn so early this year that I am convinced global warming is fact not fiction.

    Love your blog’s new look. The header picture is very pretty. 😀

    1. Thank you, Darla. The picture was taken in Amherst Shore, Nova Scotia. I sure hope to see a sunset like that this Summer.
      Cherokee is a dolly. Love this pooch bunches!

  2. Hi,
    The joys of Spring. 😀
    You are lucky we have to mow all year round, although the grass doesn’t grow as fast in winter, but it still grows. 😆

  3. I’m delighted to hear you have weeds. That means you aren’t putting all sorts of horrors into the soil…you are letting it show you that a lawn can be a lawn with any growth. Perfectionism is killing us!

    1. I tend to agree with you, Amy. Rest assured when I say, no chemicals are used on our lawn. But, I do admit – we have an exterminator. Roaches and termites are too prevalent here in the warm south.

      1. We have carpenter ants…they’ll destroy structural wood! So I’m afraid we also have to have the pest control people come. However, I’m aware they are under strict regulations with their chemicals. One of my friends owns and runs the company. My hope is that the spray, applied through drill holes, soaks into the foundation and not the land.

        My cat doesn’t like it which is a good sign. It means he is a good detector!

  4. Here’s how awake I am…
    I was looking out my window for a second as your blog loaded… and when I glanced back… (in the small version of this photo on your homepage) I briefly mistook Cherokee for a bear and was about to send for help!
    Yikes! I think it’s going to be a LONG day!

  5. Lovely Cherokee. We have weeds instead of grass. The only place grass really likes to grow is the flower beds. And I do like the new look of your blog.

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