Project 366: Day 80

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at my kids’ school. On Monday, we were to bring in a flower for Charlie’s teachers, and on Tuesday, we were to bring in a flower for Joe’s teachers. So I thought.

I picked up some lovely pink roses and baby’s breath, planning to pull one or two out of the bunch for the teachers. I shared the news with Joe who said, “It’s not Teacher Appreciate Week for us. Ours isn’t until the 26th.” I laughed and shook my head with confidence. “Oh Joe,” I thought. “This is why I am the Mom and the keeper of the calendar.”

While Joe was playing outside, I checked the school calendar. D’oh! The kid was right! Dang. That means I have to enjoy a dozen pink roses with baby’s breath all week. Life is tough.



17 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 80

  1. there’s nothing quite like having fresh flowers in the house. Alas, hubbs is deathly sensitive to any pollen so I buy my own and keep them at my desk 🙂

    Have a great day, LD

    1. Of course, had I listened, I wouldn’t have a lovely bouquet of roses, Georgette. (smile)
      I did change my site. I decided to use something that spotlighted the photos, since I am posting a new one every day.
      Do you like it? It is certainly different.

      1. Yes, I like it! It does highlight the pics. I still like the appearance of your right side. Change is good. I’m afraid to change my site should something get lost…not feeling bold about that.

  2. I’m thinking there should be a Mom’s Appreciation Day at least once a month! And all you moms out there deserve some beautiful flowers. You will probably just have to ‘force yourself’ (ha,ha) to buy another dozen roses next week so Joe’s teacher can have one! What about pink gerbera daisies? They last a good long time and are beautiful as a single flower. I’m very blessed, since my darling husband of 43 years loves flowers as much as I do and he has brought me a bouquet of flowers each week for probably the last 10 or so years! Our local Trader Joe’s staff know him by his first name now! They have some great wine, as well (wink, wink!!) Enjoy your flowers, and your beautiful family.

    1. Congratulations on 43 years of marriage, Donna! What a wonderful thing! I am happy to know he brightens your weeks with flowers. What a lovely treat. I am enjoying this bouquet, and I’ll enjoy the one next week, too! I mean, I have to get another bouquet so I can pull one or two for my son’s teacher. Why buy a single, when I can enjoy the leftovers? (smile) Thank you for your kind words.

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