Ring Around the Rosy

I have not written a new post in nearly a week. I just told Rob that the voices in my head are so loud, I find it hard to maintain my composure when the real world becomes noisy.

My goal is to release the crazies within the next two day.

Before shutting down my computer and heading to a gathering of friends, I found this video of the boys. Filmed in 2008, the boys were ages 3 and 2. As I watched, I smiled widely and the voices were silent. Peace. God, I love my boys.

.:: Ring Around the Rosy ::.


20 thoughts on “Ring Around the Rosy

  1. They are so cute…I do not know how the fabulous blog-mommies do it, I don’t children to care for anymore, I barely throw food at my dog and husband, and I still hadn’t written anything for a week.

    But I understand about needing to write…

    1. The need is great. I don’t know how other blogging Moms do it, either. Posting a new picture a day is a struggle. Aaaack!
      I will write soon. I will write soon. I WILL write soon. (I hope)

  2. I have to say MJ’s comment is how I feel. Those two are beyond precious! I have a short video of my kids dancing from a few years ago and I bust it out every now and then and immediately start crying. Bittersweet watching them grow up.

    1. It is bittersweet watching them grow. Soooo glad we have videos to remember the cuteness, without having to relive the sleepless nights. (smile) Glad you liked the video, Darla. Thanks for watching.

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