Project 366: Day 50

I greet you with a good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night.

I hope your Sunday is a day of rest and relaxation. May you find moments to pause, reflect and give thanks.

As I mentioned yesterday, we are watching Lily, while her parents are out of town. I contemplated vacuuming her parent’s place, as a surprise for when they returned. Lily put me in my place. Continue reading

Project 366: Day 41

As I mentioned yesterday, I took a walk on Tuesday evening and explored our neighbor’s land.

Mr. John is a nature enthusiast, and though he welcomes explorers, he has no tolerance for anyone disturbing or destroying his property. I’m very fond of the fact that Mr. John caters to a very large beaver den bordering one of the small lakes. You will find many downed trees felled by the beavers.

While I was walking along the raised walkway noticing a freshly chewed tree, I heard frogs calling each other.  Because still pictures are unable to capture sound, I decided to take a ‘talking’ picture. I hope you enjoy frogs on Friday. Have a ‘hoppy’ weekend! Continue reading

Ring Around the Rosy

I have not written a new post in nearly a week. I just told Rob that the voices in my head are so loud, I find it hard to maintain my composure when the real world becomes noisy.

My goal is to release the crazies within the next two day.

Before shutting down my computer and heading to a gathering of friends, I found this video of the boys. Filmed in 2008, the boys were ages 3 and 2. As I watched, I smiled widely and the voices were silent. Peace. God, I love my boys. Continue reading