Project 366: Day 92

As is typical for me, I’m taking this day off; yes, even on this first day in April, also known as April Fools Day, I am taking the day off.

Today is my day to simply breathe and give thanks for all I have.

While I enjoy my day of rest, I hope you’ll enjoy this song bird, which serenaded me while I was visiting the Oakland Cemetery. I hope you’ll give thanks for all you have, too. Continue reading “Project 366: Day 92”

Project 366: Day 50

I greet you with a good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night.

I hope your Sunday is a day of rest and relaxation. May you find moments to pause, reflect and give thanks.

As I mentioned yesterday, we are watching Lily, while her parents are out of town. I contemplated vacuuming her parent’s place, as a surprise for when they returned. Lily put me in my place. Continue reading “Project 366: Day 50”

Project 366: Day 41

As I mentioned yesterday, I took a walk on Tuesday evening and explored our neighbor’s land.

Mr. John is a nature enthusiast, and though he welcomes explorers, he has no tolerance for anyone disturbing or destroying his property. I’m very fond of the fact that Mr. John caters to a very large beaver den bordering one of the small lakes. You will find many downed trees felled by the beavers.

While I was walking along the raised walkway noticing a freshly chewed tree, I heard frogs calling each other.  Because still pictures are unable to capture sound, I decided to take a ‘talking’ picture. I hope you enjoy frogs on Friday. Have a ‘hoppy’ weekend! Continue reading “Project 366: Day 41”