Project 366: Day 35

As I mentioned earlier this week, the pooches went to the vet for their annual visit. Thankfully, both dogs came home with a clean bill of health. The pooches came home to even more loving from us, too, as we are grateful to have their companionship.

I snapped today’s picture while Wilbur enjoyed the sunshine. I hope your day is filled with sunshine, literally or figuratively.



18 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 35

  1. These animals bring so much to our lives. My cat has been outside for about 20 hours (he loves outdoors and hunts voraciously) after realizing I ate some tuna without putting any in his bowl. I feel like the wicked Witch Of The North, but he gets terrible urinary blockages with food like tuna.

    He’ll be home, full of forgiveness and ready to love unconditionally.

    1. Oh Amy, you are not the wicked Witch of the North, because she would not have even realized she skipped sharing the tuna with her cat. Your kitty thanks you for ensuring he doesn’t have any blockages. You’re a good Mom. 🙂

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