Caffeine, please carry me through the year.

If you are a drinker of alcoholic beverages, you may know the phenomena that occurs when one has had an excess of the adult beverage. Your confidence peaks and wondrous ideas fill your mind. You feel as though you are – to quote one Leonardo DiCaprio character – ‘King of the world!’

Yes, then you go to bed. When you wake in the morning, the wondrous ideas that filled your mind are replaced with a pounding head. The idea to start a company selling ice cubes doesn’t hold the same appeal as it did the previous night. The passionate and thought-out plan to ‘stick it to the man’ suddenly sounds like a death sentence, and you scrap the idea.

My days of overindulging in adult beverages are a thing of the past, but I still experience moments when my head is filled with grandiose ideas and plans. These ideas and plans typically flood my brain in the morning, while I am riding the caffeine high.

I will go for a walk today! I will clean out my closet! I will get caught up on the laundry! I will organize my sock drawer! I will write a novel!

Yes, when I am enjoying my first cup of coffee, I am invincible; I am full of ideas and goals; mentally, I am able to face every task, tackling each one through to completion. By the second cup of coffee, my day is set, and I am ready to start tackling.

Case in point, this morning: I’m slowly sipping and enjoying the freshly brewed coffee. The kids aren’t home, and the house is quiet. I turn on my laptop and check out the usual distractions: email, Facebook and Twitter. Suddenly, a flurry of ideas run though my mind.

I find myself inspired by the goals of others, and I decide to jump on the band wagon. “I am going to walk a mile a day!” “I will take a picture every day throughout the entire year!” “I have two great ideas for drabbles! I’m going to write those bad boys today.” “Hey! I haven’t rearranged the furniture in several weeks. I think I’ll do that today.” “Oh man! I have a great idea for a post. I’ll start on it right away.”

Fast forward two hours – I’m back on the couch, overwhelmed with the day ahead, flustered by the flurry of ideas, craving a nap and waiting for sunrise and the next cup of invincibility (black please, no cream or sugar).

Throw me a lifeline or an IV-drip, caffeine. I’m counting on you to carry me through the year.

40 thoughts on “Caffeine, please carry me through the year.

  1. I most hate it when I sit down to write about the awesome topic I thought of to write about and then stare blankly at the screen and wonder what it was. Even caffeine fails to help me out of that slump.

    1. I know that of which you speak, Linda. In fact, I am all too familiar with it. One of my goals is to keep a little notebook with me at all times. I’ve tried this several times and failed. There’s always tomorrow, right?

    1. Thank you for the nod, MJ. You and Darla both mentioned Tim Horton. Sadly, I can only snag that cup o’java once a year – if I am lucky. We do plan on heading to Nova Scotia this year, so I’ll snag a cup or two then. Sweet!

  2. I’m with you. I need so many more ‘cups of invincibility’ each day I get older and older. Why is that?

    (I also love Tim Hortons coffee, emjay! We have a Timmy’s on either end of town so that’s where I’m always going…)

  3. I’ve had four cups of tea today, in between loads of laundry, Facebooking, and catching up on e-mail and blog posts…I had plans to write a post myself…wonder how that will work out for me (sigh)…


  4. Hi Lenore,
    I am just on my first cup of coffee for the morning. I enjoy my first cuppa while reading the blogs, it’s just after 5 am here, and Hubby will be home from work soon (obviously a shift worker) but believe me I will be starting on my 2nd cup shortly. 😀

    1. You’ll have a third cup, too, eh? Your day starts early. I hope your hubby has a good sleep during ‘normal’ waking hours. Shift work is hard work for certain!

  5. I must have it, every day. I had to give up caffeine when I had an ulcer, but after my second GI scope the doctor said it wasn’t making a difference so I went back to my beloved coffee…heaven in a cup. I like mine straight up – no cream or sugar – and not too strong. Wish I had another cup right now.

    1. Me, too, K8. Must have it all the time – and I take it black. So glad the GI doctor said it wasn’t making a difference. Sha’woo. Back to enjoying the beloved bean.

    1. My brother used to have a coke every morning, along side his Captain Crunch cereal. The breakfast of champions (or sugar addicts). 🙂 For the record, I’m pretty sure I could consume 2 liters of coffee a day, though I would not recommend anyone be around me for the post-caffeine crash.

  6. Love this post… I, too, have lots of those wonderful ideas running through my head at all times (or most of the time.) Time is the killer for me.. with two little munchkins you never have enough of it (coupled with too little sleep 🙂 Can’t relate to the caffeine high though.. have been caffeine free for many, many years… it didn’t agree with my body at all 😦

    1. Michelle! Welcome! This is your first comment, and I am so excited to see you here. Yes, I know, you’ve managed to go caffeine-free for so long, and yet you go-go-go all the time and stay up late. You are Wonder Woman! Seriously.
      Funny thing about time – it sure goes fast when you have things to do, eh? Craziness. Thank you for visiting!

  7. Lenore it’s too funny. During evening with a cup of tea, i am full of ideas, then after sometimes those ideas need few more cup of coffee to get out from my mind. This process continues until i find myself, checking what are the ideas going through other people’s mind. It’s always fun to read your posts.

  8. I am one of those unfortunate souls to which caffeine has little to no effect. I can drink a whole pot right before bed-time with two Excedrine and a Coke chaser and sleep like a baby. I just drink it for the taste.
    I wish I could get that rush that caffeine brings, but I am forced to wake up in the mornings unassisted. Hence, I’m not usually coherent until about 10 am.

    1. Well, I drink coffee for the taste – that fact is solid. Still, I rely on the caffeine in the morning.
      I gave up caffeine for 2yrs – it was boring. (Hahahaha) I bow down to you, Amy.

  9. I love the smell and the taste of coffee and always have a cup to take to bed at night. So where’s my caffeine rush – I feel as if I am missing out on something.
    But I do understand all the great ideas that come with a cup of coffee. Today mine was to clear out the bottom of my closet where the shoe rack has collapsed and all the shoes are in a heap. A second cup of coffee and I think but I have a great excuse – foot in red Santa boot so will put off the clearing and pour another cup of coffee.

    1. My Mom drinks coffee before bed, too. How are you two able to do that?! She used to smoke, too. And she said smoking calmed her, yet nicotine is a stimulant. I don’t get it. I started drinking coffee because I loved the smell. I probably still prefer the smell to the taste, but I quite enjoy a freshly brewed cup of black coffee. Here’s to your red Santa boot and your ability to put off cleaning closets for a 2nd cup of coffee. Cheers! 🙂

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