Project 366: Day 2

2012: A Photo A Day

We step into 2012 and look forward to the climb.



24 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 2

  1. Lenore, wow, your pictures are amazing! How long have you been taking photos? Once upon a time I was going to have my own little photography business (taking pictures of children, babies) and I am obsessed with photos. I don’t know if I ever told you that. Anyway, what kind of camera do you have?

    1. You know the way to my heart, eh, Darla? I am no more a photographer than I am a writer, I merely enjoy both (immensely). I have been taking pictures ever since I received my first camera (8yrs old maybe?). I know little about lighting, I do my best regarding positioning, and I haven’t a clue what apertures, exposures and speed have to do with the price of fish (or pictures). Still, I look through the camera lens and try to capture the beauty. Sometimes I get lucky. Digital cameras are awesome for taking so many pictures that you are bound to have one good one.
      The camera I use is a FinePix S6000fd.

      1. Your comment about the price of fish made me giggle. Me neither. I try to mess around with apertures (or whatever the doozitwhatzit thingy is…) I even had a photo blog set up before my current one. I love to take pictures too, very relaxing to me. I have a Canon, then I splurged on my little nifty fifty lens last year that I absolute love.

        1. My neighbor has a Canon, similar to yours I assume. Another friend of mine bought a fancy-dancy lens for her camera. (Perhaps a Canon.) She came over one afternoon to explore the woods near our house. I had serious lens envy, because the image was so clear and sharp.

      2. Not that I am twisting your arm but the giveaway I have on my site running until tomorrow night is a chance to win a tutorial on all the basics of photography. Then you will know about apertures, exposures and speed ( no fish though). Come see it, both of you, I posted it on Friday.

        1. I went – I visited – I downloaded – and I entered. (smile) I’m a little disappointed I won’t learn about fish, though. (Hahaha!) Thank you for the nudge, Stasha. I do appreciate it.

  2. Lenore, i did n’t knew that, you are not only a wonderful writer, you are a fantastic photographer also. You are really a talented person Lenore. This image is even more beautiful than, the image i have as my screensaver, although that one must be taken by some one, who is a Professional.
    Hats off Lenore 🙂

      1. Lenore you replied to my last three comment with a same statement that, i am too kind. (smile) But believe me, i am not kind, i am honest. And honestly, you are really a talented person. 🙂 This photograph is enough to prove it.

  3. A photo a day? What a great idea. I could have done this but I already missed January 1. I’ll just stay tuned for your pic of the day 🙂

    1. Honestly SIG, your feedback means a great deal to me. I won’t even limit it to positive feedback, because I consider negative feedback a positive thing from you. Thank you.

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