Caffeine, please carry me through the year.

If you are a drinker of alcoholic beverages, you may know the phenomena that occurs when one has had an excess of the adult beverage. Your confidence peaks and wondrous ideas fill your mind. You feel as though you are – to quote one Leonardo DiCaprio character – ‘King of the world!’

Yes, then you go to bed. When you wake in the morning, the wondrous ideas that filled your mind are replaced with a pounding head. The idea to start a company selling ice cubes doesn’t hold the same appeal as it did the previous night. The passionate and thought-out plan to ‘stick it to the man’ suddenly sounds like a death sentence, and you scrap the idea. Read more

Thoughts from a Sick Caretaker

I checked the junk drawer this morning, in search of some magic beans. Sadly, I was unable to find magic beans. Looks like I’ll have to tackle the day using my own super hero abilities. Now, where did I put my super hero abilities? I’m finding it hard to locate anything in the house, these days. I’ve been an out of commission Mom the past couple of days. And, since my faithful assistant, Daddy Rob, reported for duty, things have gotten a little out of whack, so to speak. Read more