Project 366: Day 3

Project 366: A Photo A Day

A figurine, given to us as a wedding gift, stands next to a picture of a sunflower Rob drew for me several years ago. (The sunflower is my favorite flower.) The frame, holding the drawing, was a wedding gift from one of my bridesmaids. This picture reminds me of my love for Rob and my friends.



34 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 3

  1. I love your blog layout and photo’s…Lenore Diane I just joined the challenge Project 365 and it’s the first week, stop by and we can become blog buddies for this years photo’s. I look forward to reading and seeing what you do!

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood, Jackie. Thank you for your kind words. Congrats on joining the WordPress challenge. I will certain pop by and check out the photos. Happy new year!

  2. Will not say “aww”. Will stifle intense urge to say “sweet”. Won’t do it…will resist..resist..resistance is futile!

    Aww, how sweet! (for real πŸ™‚

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