Project 366: Day 8


2012: A Photo A Day

I am a religious person. Those that follow this blog religiously, know I am a person of faith. (Religiously, get it? Oh goodness, I crack my religious-self up.)

A sabbath day is common in many faiths. I try to observe a day of sabbath once a week. As is typically the case for Christians, I observe the sabbath on Sundays.

I make a point to do nothing with regards to housework, eating out, or shopping. I focus on hanging out with my family, having personal quiet time, and/or going to church/bible study. My main goal on Sundays is to ‘be still’ and thank God. However you spend your Sunday, I hope you make time to ‘be still’. Continue reading

A Year in Photos: Project 366, Day 1


Inspired by Stasha and Kim, I’ve decided to take part in posting one photo every day for the next 366 days of 2012: Project 366.

While I hope you will enjoy my year in photos, I am looking forward to saving these moments for my kids. One thing blogging has given me is an opportunity to document special times with the boys, as well as share stories that I hope they find entertaining when they get older.

My apologies in advance, if you subscribe to my blog. You may become annoyed with the daily notification. Then again, maybe – just maybe – you will enjoy seeing a snapshot of my life through the lens of a camera. Continue reading