Listen. Did you feel that?

I was cranky. It was a school day morning, which means the alarm goes off before the rooster cocks his doodle-doo.

Mother Nature was expected to pay her regular visit. Though, as I get older, she doesn’t feel the need to work with my schedule; she prefers to show up irregularly, whenever she desires.

The boys were battling with each other within seconds of getting out of bed, and my husband slept peacefully amidst the school morning routine.

Though the morning was chaotic, I was grateful my husband was taking the boys to school. Passing the chauffeur duties to Rob, left me with the opportunity to get to the grocery store before having to be ‘at work’.

As the garage door closed, indicating the men were on their way to school and work, I scrambled to get myself ready and presentable for a trip to the grocery store. [Read: I put on a bra and shoes.]

While pushing the cart along the edge of the grocery store, where the cold cuts, dead fish and milk reside, I noticed a grocery cart full of flowers. Seems a selection of leftover bouquets were on sale. I contemplated getting a bouquet or two; instead, I zipped passed and pushed the cart towards the frozen dessert section.

My sight was set on Ben, Jerry and their Phish Food. Still, as I pushed towards my friends Ben and Jerry, I continued to think about the flowers, wondering with whom I could share a smile. When I reached the frozen dairy section, I started the usual dialogue in my head, “I’m just going to get one, maybe two. I’ll give it up again, soon. I’m cranky. I want the ice cream.”

Unfortunately, as is typical when one is cranky, plans do not go as planned. There was no Phish Food in stock. The row was empty. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. “Seriously?” I sighed to myself. “Figures.” I grumbled.

And that’s when it happened…

I knew I had to get the flowers, and I knew where I needed to take the flowers. Sure, I was having a cranky day, and I was going to end the day without the solace of Ben & Jerry washing over me. Still, I wanted to make someone smile. I wanted to share a little surprise with a friend. So, I pushed the cart back to the cart of leftover flowers and selected two of the best bouquets.

I paid for the groceries, and I traveled to my friend’s house. I had to be quick, because I was already late for work, but I was determined to make someone smile.

When I pulled into the driveway, I noticed her daughter was home. Cool, I thought. They will both enjoy the flowers.

My friend was outside, so I got out of the car and carried the bouquets to her. She greeted me with a smile and said, “What are you up to?” I smiled back and showed her the flowers. Though her face was smiling, I saw the exact opposite in her eyes. I gave her a hug and asked, “Are you OK?” She tried to be strong and hold back the tears, but she couldn’t. “I was going to call you.” She said.

She held the flowers and said, “These are so pretty.”
“What’s wrong?” I asked.

Her daughter suffered a set back in her personal life, and she was returning home for awhile. My friend was sad because her daughter was hurting.

Again, I hugged my friend, and I said, “Clearly this is a God moment. You and your daughter needed this smile. I did not set out to do this. It was completely spontaneous.”

I took the flowers inside to put them in water. When I walked into the kitchen, I saw my friend’s daughter. She smiled, and she cried. I gave her a hug, and I showed her the flowers. Then I said, “Apparently, God knew you needed something to brighten your day.”

The next time that twitch – that twinge – that feeling of … I don’t know, just that feeling – comes over you, listen. Someone is in need. Someone needs a smile. Someone needs a hug. Someone needs to know s/he is loved. So act on that feeling, even if it means you’ll be late for the day you ‘planned’.

Kindness ...

30 thoughts on “Listen. Did you feel that?

  1. Most of the time it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. Way to go for bringing a little joy into a friend’s life just when she needed it.

    1. We both needed it, Jacqueline. Though I realize my need was petty compared to hers. Still, I drove away feeling much better about my day, especially with the knowledge that I put a smile on someone’s face.

  2. I loved reading your thoughts as I read to your moment of decision. You are hilarious…and the climax? You were cranky no more doubled with cheer for two aching friends. Love this one. Beautiful flowers!

    1. Thanks, Georgette. I had no clue the result of buying flowers would be so well received and perfectly timed. The gesture definitely turned my day around for the better. Oh, and the shot of the flowers was taken by my friend’s daughter. She shared the picture later in the day.

  3. It’s both sweet and humble that you attributed your kind act to God. But still, I think you should take a little of the credit yourself. Your friends are lucky to have you.

    1. Well Charles, I suppose if I take any credit, the credit would be me listening to God’s small little voice. (smile) And, I am equally as lucky to have these gals as friends. Thank you for your kind comments.

    1. Thank you, Steve. The timing of that inner voice was incredible. I had no idea what had transpired the night prior to my visit. Truly amazing. Glad I got over my cranky self and thought of someone else.

  4. I’m glad you heeded that voice, and reaped the blessings of the outcome. Just think, if the ice cream had been there, you might have been in too big a hurry to get home before it melted. Unless, of course, you had your spoon in the car! Good job!

    1. Patti, in all seriousness, if Phish Food had been in stock, I don’t think I would have gotten the flowers. That is the truth. Maybe I would have … I don’t know. I honestly do not know. I am so glad it worked out the way it did. Thanks for visiting!

  5. You say “God”, I say “Universe”..either way, you’re right that we need to listen. And sharing the story made even more people smile! 🙂

    1. Thanks, L. As I said to Patti… I’m not sure I would have listened had my flavor of ice cream been available. I guess that was just more of the universe lining up as it needed to at that particular moment. I am glad my post made you smile.

    1. Thank you, Love out loud. I received an email from my friend and her daughter earlier this week, thanking me (again) for the flowers. I was so happy to brighten their day, as it brightened my day, too.

  6. It’s wonderful when we heed the voice of God speaking to us. I’m glad you listened to that voice and were able to bring cheer to a friend. I think that most of us are too busy rushing through our daily activities to listen for God’s quiet voice. What a blessing it is when we do!

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