I hope the toilet seat wasn’t left in the ‘up’ position.

One thing I’m learning is the fact that you have to stay on your toes within the blogging community. I mean, you never know when someone might stop by for a visit; you know, unexpectedly.

Say for instance, someone extends a thanks to you in their blog, thereby releasing curious cats, who click over to find out about the person mentioned in the post.

I know what you’re thinking, “Lenore Diane, The Good Greatsby does not have a crush on you, regardless of how many times you provide a link to his blog.” Okay, maybe that was just Kim, the G is Silent. Whatever.

Fact is that I was given thanks. (Back at’cha, Young American!)

I was given thanks, received referrals and well – I have not vacuumed my place in days. Moreover, the boys have been running in and out of the house all afternoon, and I’m not sure they’ve flushed the toilet. While I consider myself a hospitable soul who enjoys having visitors, I’m embarrassed I did not clean up the place before the guests arrived.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the gratitude. I do. Young American keeps me laughing when I’d otherwise be pulling my hair out. Plus, I’ve learned so much from her wise kids that I no longer need to ride the school bus. (My neighbor’s son thanks me for no longer embarrassing him on the bus, by the way.)

Still, when life gets in the way of cleaning – er writing and livening up the place, one runs the risk of losing the limelight. Not that I have had the limelight. I’m still waiting for my agents to find the best point of contact within WordPress, so I can get myself Freshly Pressed. Sure, you might think I should earn the Freshly Pressed spot by writing good and editing well – writing well and editing good – well writing and good editing writing vs. having my agents try and buy a Freshly Pressed spot, alas – I heard on the bus that money makes it happen.

In any case, I figured I had better get some words out in this here blogosphere. Plus, there are so many entertaining blogs within WordPress, I welcome the opportunity to recommend some good reading.

Today PublicWorks cracked me up with her take on well packaged goods. Over the weekend, Oma broke the news to me that pumpkins are not really food. And, Amy made me squeal with delight, as she shared her handmade envelope covered with monkeys Monkees. (I’m referring to The Monkees –  you know Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith.)

So, sit back, explore all this WordPress blogosphere has to offer and follow some of these great writers. While you read, I’ll work to tidy up this place. Y’all come back now, ya hear?!

15 thoughts on “I hope the toilet seat wasn’t left in the ‘up’ position.

  1. Lenore, good luck on getting Good Greatsby to reveal his true feelings. You could try changing your name to Kate Beckinsale and see what happens.

      1. I hate to trouble you, Kate…
        but… would you mind signing this Fast and the Furious poster I plan on sending to Good Greatsby (Vin Diesel wasn’t available)?! Oh… and maybe my copy of Underworld?!

        1. Hahahahahahaha! As I laugh loudly, my boss asks, “What’s so funny?” When I told her, she agreed – after I cried and cried and cried – I do look like Kate.
          Send me that poster, SIG. I’d be happy to sign it for you and anyone else. I’m kind like that. HA!

  2. I’m impressed that you were able to name the Monkees. Why do people keep mentioning house cleaning? Have you seen mine and are dropping hints? Has my husband put you up to this?

    1. Well, I own at least one of their albums. I kidded with Amy, because I didn’t see many facial shots of Peter Tork. However, she assured me she took the time to give equal face-time to all the Monkees. I appreciate the fact that she was deliberate with her creation.

      Oh, and Patti, rest assured – I’d never suggest someone else need to clean their place, for fear they’d look at my place. Then again, with all the dog hair, I doubt they could see anything in my place.

  3. Lenore! Finally, I can comment (the baby is down for a nap and no, I don’t mean Jim, although he tends to get cranky when he’s tired and could use one)

    Why, I think you should’ve left the toilet seat up! I would have felt so much more at home here. 😀 And while you’re at it, spill huge amounts of water from the shower all over the floor, leave a long twisted trail of toilet paper…throw some Polly Pockets in the tub…

    I think you should absolutely change your name to Kate/Zooey/Nigella. Yes, all three, with the slashes. GG is bound to come around to his senses and realize he’s in love with you.

    And about the Monkees–I saw them in high school. Loved them and the dorky show. So what basically what I’m sayin’ is I am a dork. There. 😀 “and then I saw her face….”

    1. Stop it! Did I know you saw the Monkees in concert? Man, Darla, am I ever jealous. That is so cool. So very cool.

      Kat’ooey’gella, perhaps? It has a nice ring to it…. actually it sounds like an item that would appear on a Chinglesh GG post.

      And, you might be at how much of what you mentioned in the home would be found. Okay, we have no Polly Pockets in the tub, but we have plenty of Legos, Little People, Diego, tubes and other plastic toy/tub essentials. And the tub often has a puddle of water around it after and/or while being used. The toilet paper.. yes, well – we have boys and well – I suppose the boys are constipated (or something).

      By the way… I snorted with the baby down for a nap – not Jim. That’s funny, Darla. You are funny!!

      1. I know! Jealous much, Kat’ooey’gella?? I saw them on their reunion tour. (as opposed to back in the 60s when I wasn’t even born) Must have been 1986 or 87…

        By the way, Kat’ooey sounds like the noise I make when I sneeze. 😀

    1. Kim, you and I both know – you will be Freshly Pressed before me. And don’t go arguing with me by saying, “Oh no, Lenore. You’re posts are so much better. You’re wittier, funnier looking, more interesting, etc.” Oh wait. You weren’t saying that? You were agreeing with me out of the gate, because you know you’ll be Freshly Pressed before me? Ok. Um. Nevermind.

  4. I honestly believe that Freshly Pressed just hasn’t noticed my blog yet…well, that’s what I keep telling myself.
    My house hasn’t been cleaned in months. Please call before popping over.
    Thanks for the mention and the laugh. By the way, we have a flushing problem here too. “Mom, I don’t think I need to flush unless it’s really yellow.” So gross, I know. 😦

    1. I literally snorted with the “… unless it’s really yellow.” That is gross – yet I get it. I mean, never would I have imagined I would even TALK about toilets, flushing and ‘really yellow’. Yet… here I am. Too dang funny. So glad I am not alone.

  5. I’m “out of pocket” this week, but I had to find a square foot of wi-fi to reply. Thank you for the shout-out! I love “outting” closet Monkees fans. And I had my blog for over three years before I was FP’ed and it was a last minute, silly post. So, you never know . . .

    1. Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by …. I’m honored you searched hi and lo for a square foot of wi-fi to respond to my post. I hope you didn’t need to use your grenade and ‘make’ a spot.
      So it took you 3yrs, eh? *sigh* I guess I still have a little over a year. I better start working on the last minute silly posts… or something. I hope the memorial is peaceful.

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