Project 366: Day 109


The Honeysuckles are blooming, and after a brief rain shower, their scent filled the air. Continue reading

Listen. Did you feel that?


I was cranky. It was a school day morning, which means the alarm goes off before the rooster cocks his doodle-doo.

Mother Nature was expected to pay her regular visit. Though, as I get older, she doesn’t feel the need to work with my schedule; she prefers to show up irregularly, whenever she desires.

The boys were battling with each other within seconds of getting out of bed, and my husband slept peacefully amidst the school morning routine. Continue reading

Friday Frenzy


.:: Lent in August

You’ve heard the marketing ads, “Christmas in July!” Well, I am going to celebrate “Lent in August”. Monday I started my ice cream fast. I am going 40 days and 40 nights without consuming ice cream. And, I am afraid. I am very afraid.

A year and a half ago I weighed 147 lbs. And now? 165lbs. 165. That is utter craziness! However, this normally flat chested girl must admit, I quite enjoy feeling a little bounce of the boobs when I walk. I should start running to increase the bouncing action. But um. No. That won’t happen. And, sadly, when I lose the 15 pounds I seek to lose, the slight bounce I feel when I walk will be flattened. (Still only an ‘A’ cup, many would call me flat chested now. But, a flat-chested girl can dream.)

So, as of last Monday, no more ice cream for 40 days (well, 34 days now, but who is counting? Yeah, that’s right – me!). The shakes have started. And, I am not referring to milk shakes. Wish me luck, please. Wish me luck and weight loss, with a side order of movement. After all, the weight won’t come off easily, unless I get off my every growing butt and move it – move it – move it.



I took Charlie with me to the grocery store this week. As we passed the floral department, he asked if he could get some flowers. Thankful he wasn’t asking for ‘junk’, I was happy to oblige his request. He picked out a cute $5.00 bouquet, and he has enjoyed it all week. Cute kid.

As is often the case, when one child gets something the other child makes a similar request. Joe asked if I could take him to the grocery store one day, so he could buy flowers. Normally, I would have brushed off his request, if only to discourage the “he has one – I want one” mentality. However, Joe added, “I can use money from my piggy bank to buy the flowers.” Smart kid.

I did take Joe to the grocery store, and he spent several minutes trying to decide the best way to use his money. Though not every selection was within his ‘budget’, he realized the smaller the bundle the lower the price. Eventually, he decided on a small pot of Parade Roses for $3.99. Frugal kid.

Not too shabby. The pretty flowers he purchased will last longer than the bundle Charlie picked. In fact, provided Joe cares for the flowers, the roses may last for years to come. Good kid.


The Imposter, by sekiyoku

.:: Discomfort

This week proved challenging for me with regards to my virtual world. Virtual friendships were called out for the awkwardness. The unspoken feelings. The obvious yet unacknowledged dislike. I needed to bring it to light, for my own sanity. I asked questions, and I received answers.

I have often heard the phrase, “Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to”, and this week I learned, first hand, the importance of such advice. I also learned the truth in Maya Angelou’s thought, “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

For the most part, I am an open book. By flipping through the virtual pages of this blog, one should quickly realize I share a great deal about my life. My openness may create discomfort and annoyance for some, while others may find it refreshing. I share, because if I keep these thoughts to myself, I will go insane. By the same token, I share, which places a large target on myself. I mean, it’s not hard to attack my character flaws, when I list the flaws (in alpha-order) for you.

My writing is my outlet; and those who know me best have come to accept and expect it from me. Over the years, in fact, those who know me best have encouraged me to write. (Though maybe they wish I wouldn’t be so forthcoming with everything in my life.)

This is me. All of me. Like it or not. I don’t claim to like everyone who crosses my path, nor do I expect everyone who crosses my path to like me. However, I do my best to play nice in the sandbox and always be myself. And, I hope you will play nice, too. If you don’t like me, that is fine; please just move on along, remove me from your life, and let’s continue down our own separate path. And please, to avoid confusion, close the door behind you. Thank you.