Mr. Man will not deter me today

If you read my post from yesterday, you know my plan was thwarted due to Mr. Man informing me that ‘no cameras were allowed‘. Well, even though Mr. Man literally sits at the little round table in front of me (no, I’m not kidding), I am not going to be deterred. I will write a post about my bestest blogging buddies.

Mr. Man, you will not sidetrack me. Though you sit across from me, and you are probably trying to hack into my laptop, ensuring all camera programs are disconnected and all picture files are deleted, I will still write. You cannot keep me silent.

You may have the ability to place a lens cap on my photos, but you cannot put a lens cap on my voice. Oh no, Mr. Man, I still have my voice. And today – today I am going to use my voice. Watch me, Mr. Man. Watch me, and listen to me. Oh, and smile for the camera. *click*

.:: My Blogging Buddies
One night this week, after returning home from running errands, I experienced tunnel vision. Having never experienced tunnel vision, I was nervous.

Being a hypochondriac, I worried I was experiencing symptoms of a stroke. Being an ice cream-aholic, I wanted to find solace in Ben & Jerry. Though really, I want to do that every night.

I called my neighbor, who likes to get nervous, too. Fortunately, when I am nervous – she calms me. When she gets nervous, I calm her. We’re good and supportive like that. Plus, I know if I were to die, she’d miss me. She wouldn’t miss my cooking – because I don’t cook. But she’d miss me.

After my neighbor talked me through the hypochondriac-panic, I sat on the couch and tried to rest. While resting, I wondered. Interestingly enough, I wondered about my blogging buddies. What if I were to die – would my blogging buddies miss me? Would they notice my absence from the blogopshere? Would the Good Greatsby finally declare his crush on me?

One of my blogging buddies is notably absent from the blogosphere. Thankfully, I correspond with this blogging buddy outside of the blogosphere, so I know why she is absent, and I know she is still ‘alive and well’. But what about the other blogging buddies? What would happen if they suddenly up and left the blogosphere – by choice, by alien abduction or by the grim reaper?

Is it odd for me to say I’d miss my blogging buddies? Is it odd to say I feel a connection to my blogging buddies? Is it odd to say I have the best blogging buddies, ever? Because all of it is true. I would miss my blogging budies. I do feel a connection to my blogging buddies (though I only stalk Kim the G is silent…well, that’s the only one I will admit to stalking). I do believe I have the best blogging buddies ever.

I love reading the writings of my usual suspects. Furthermore, I love the comments that follow the posts. I enjoy reading the comments of my friends, because we all seem to follow the same posts. (Is it too early in the relationship to call you, my blogging buddies, friends? Is it too weird to refer to this as a relationship?)

It’s as if we have our own little blogging clique. The same folks appear again and again, day after day – leaving their greetings and thoughts behind, letting you know they stopped by for a visit. When a day or two goes by and they don’t pay a visit, I can’t help but wonder, “Where are they?

Did Hammond River get herded by the cats instead of visa versa? Was Mostly Bright Ideas carried off by bugs? And what about that Maineiac? Is she stuck in hell (also known as the beach)? Is Georgette stuck in the attic, trapped under a pile of letters and pictures that chronicle the incredible life of her family? Did K8edid’s formula prove accurate to the point that she was unable to finish creating new WordPress buttons? And Angel… what about Angel? Are the snakes circling around her and the chickens? She has a bun in the oven, you know.

The above includes just a few of my blogging buddies. I stalk have tons of blogging buddies. Tons. Oma and I are close. I mean, he has an ‘O’ in his name, and I have an ‘O’ in my name. (I know! Craziness!) And, SIG? Man, SIG is like the 2nd brother-once-removed that I never had. Then there is Judith, my coffee house friend, who lives oceans away. And, my life coach is MJ. (I think MJ considers me a rock star, because she provides advice and coaches me for free. You can ask her to coach you, but it may cost you.)

One more thing about my blogging buddies. Sometimes, my blogging buddies show their babbling skills. Because I excel at babbling, I know what it means to babble well. I tip my hat to Absurd Old Bird, who can babble like the best of us. The best part? She calls it witter, more specifically – wittering. I like that – witter.

Meanwhile, and totally unrelated, Young American is killing me with her Buffy animated picture. Because of Young American, I’ve added Buffy the Vampire Slayer to my Netflix queue. No, I’ve never seen the television series; but, thanks to one of my bestest blogging buddies – I will now.

Oh, and no worries about my stroke – or lack thereof. I think the tunnel vision was due to lack of food and hormones. Mother Nature is a beast some times. (I say sweetly.)

To my blogging buddy who is notably absent … Ms. Mind Shack. You are in my thoughts today – Friday. And, you are missed.


Be kind, take care of yourself and each other, and check out my Blogroll.

35 thoughts on “Mr. Man will not deter me today

  1. I would notice your absence! 🙂 (and GG too, we all know his post about Zooey today was really about you…)

    And where is everyone else? Well, I do believe Charles is busy attempting to get that Nobel Prize in physics. Me? Nothing that exciting. Sadly, I’m here at home and not at a beach (or maybe I’m thankful?) trying to squeeze some more time with the kids these last few days before school starts. I can’t write a blessed thing lately so I give up on my blog for a bit. Oh, wait!~ I do have something exciting going on! My husband came home with some Blue Bunny Red Velvet Cake ice cream last night and I do believe I will treat myself to some right now. 🙂

    I’ve noticed how funny it is that we all seem to float around in the same blogging circles. Small world, huh?

    1. I just read GG’s post. I’ve been so busy with stalking my blogging buddies, that I haven’t had time to give GG the time of day. However, as soon as you hinted the post was about me, well – I went right over and read it. Oh my gosh, Darla. You are right! Shoot. I even look like Zooey. well, minus the body, eyes and hair. But, I could be her twin! In fact, I am an awesome singer. I could make their group She and Him and Her. Yeah, if GG was impressed by Zooey, it only proves that he is stalking me, and he knows Zooey and I are identical. Poor GG.

      I am still laughing about your beach post, by the way. The 45 minute thing keeps me chuckling. It is so true. Loved that one.

      I think it is very cool we all float around the same blogs. Clearly we all have excellent taste! Enjoy your Red Velvet Cake ice cream!!

  2. Oh, thank you very much, Ms. D!
    People have told me I’m removed from reality before… but this… this… sounds… well, it just sounds much better!
    And of course your blogging absence would be noticed! Why, I doubt Buffy would EVER stop crying. And if she can’t pull herself together, than all the vampires will be running around unchecked! OH! THE HUMANITY!

    1. That Buffy snip-it is hilarious! Seriously. I cannot look at it without cracking up. Thanks for visiting, SIG. And, thanks for taking awesome pictures!! Your one of the best blogging buddies EVER! 🙂

  3. Great post and thanks for the mention, Lenore, though I must say that I feel pretty guilty lately as my energy is so low I’ve not been blogging as much or commenting as much as I used to. I must correct that soon…

    1. Rest and get your energy back, Val. Let yourself enjoy some downtime, if you can find it. You’ll write when you feel inspired. And we – your readers – will be there to read or see your creation when you post it. We’re not going anywhere. At least not by choice. 🙂 Thanks for visiting. Feel better!

  4. Being a fellow hypochondriac, I would totally notice and worry about your absence. At 2:00 in the morning I’d start thinking, “Oh God, where is she? I bet she’s got toxic shock syndrome or dear Lord, maybe it’s sepsis.” Thanks for including me in your blogging clique…super cool!

    1. We are super cool, Young American. In fact – we rock!
      And seriously – you are hilarious. Toxic shock? Sepsis? Yeah, thanks for putting those potentially fatal diseases in my head. Ha!

  5. Lenore, dear, I would miss you. I enjoy the blogging buddies, too. Sometimes I think maybe a little too much. My husband tells me I need to get out and meet “real” people and make new friends. You guys are better 1) because I can talk to you and get to know you in my pajamas, 2) you don’t know I have bed head, 3) if your post isn’t what I want to hear or think about today, I can just click away – harder to disengage face to face, 4) real friends get uncomfortable with stretches of silence, and 5) you’re all think I’m swell. Anyway, I digress

    Thanks for the mention – now I want ice cream, though and there isn’t any in the house.

    1. I LOVE your reasoning!! The bed head cracked me up. Too funny! And K8 – we don’t think you are swell, you ARE swell. Duh. You wouldn’t be following the best blogging buddies if you weren’t swell. Tell your husband to start blogging. If he’s lucky – we’ll let him in this clique. (hee, hee)

      I’m sorry to hear you don’t have any ice cream in the house. That is almost a capital offense though, you know this right? I mean, one must always be prepared – and to be prepared, one must ensure ice cream is stocked in the freezer. You have until next week. 🙂

      I called my sister the night of my pending stroke (smile). She was already asleep and in bed. I, too, wondered about suffering from whatever illness she was studying. It is true what they say – ignorance is bliss.

  6. I would miss you. Where else would I learn about wittering? Well, I think I would prefer “wittering” to like (sorry, I know you don’t like the word like used this way) withering away. Wittering sounds like a good word, if it’s about family, all sorts of connections, teachable moments, funny things. I want to know what you think and what you’re thinking. Like teachers at a social gathering who talk about teaching, bloggers talk about blogging using the language that encourages and wins us over.
    If my well were to run dry post-wise, I’d know at least there’s a blogging life of reading and commenting and sparks of inspiration in what you and others write.
    And about GG, I think the m in smoking jacket turns upside down to make a w and makes him swoon over you. Next time you read one of his posts…count all the w’s…I think it’s code for “swooning” over LD in his smoking jacket.
    ooooo…just noticed all the w’s in this comment…let’s just say these w’s are the ones of you won me over. You have that effect on people. Yes, you would be missed.

    1. The word ‘witter’ makes me happy. Not sure why, though I like the way it sounds.
      It reminds me of ‘whittle’, which could be twisted to mean a cutting/shaving form of babbling. Maybe? Ok. Maybe not.

      I greatly appreciate you taking the time to point out the secret messages GG is sending me with the use of the letter ‘w’. It makes perfect sense. Change the ‘m’ in the word smoking to a ‘w’, and change the ‘k’ to another ‘o’ – add an ‘n’ before the ‘ing’, and well – you’ve got the the word ‘swooning’! Wow. That is so obvious! He should probably tone it down a notch. People will start talking.

      Here’s to the sharing of more stories among the bestest blogging buddies ever!

  7. I love that you stalk me. It makes me feel…well…important! And pretty. Only pretty people get stalked, right? RIGHT? P.S. I would absolutely totally 100% without a doubt indubitubly (how is that spelled?) miss you after only a couple of days of no Lenore and put on my stalking hat. I’m gonna have to give Hot Joe my log in information just in case something happens to me and I break all my fingers or get alien abducted or Passat-Girl kills me so he can blog to my blog friends where I am.


    1. “I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and gay!”
      Sorry. Just channeling my inner Natalie Wood. I sing alot like Zooey Deschanel, too. Figures GG has a crush on her.
      Do you remember School House Rock? Do you? Do you remember ‘Lolly, Lolly, Lolly – get your adverbs here…. Quickly, quickly, quickly get your adverbs here.” Well, at the end of the adverb song they say, “Indubitably’. Whenever I see the word written – I am unable to say it in any way other than the way they say it on the School House Rock skit. So, thanks for using that word. I love School House Rock.

      I might have to stay away for a couple of days to make you nervous. I ain’t never done had a stalker a’fore. Might be purdy cool! Meh. I talk too much. I can’t stay away for more than two days.

  8. It takes me a little while, but I’ve noticed the absence of a couple of my blogging buddies. In those cases, I’ve followed up via comments on old posts or via email if I still have any notifications hanging out in my trash.

    I think it makes sense that it takes a little while, though. We don’t have physical presences to remind us on a regular basis, so in all the positives, it might be hard to see the absence that’s hiding!

    1. That’s nice that you follow-up with people, Deb. And you are correct – we do not have a physical presence to remind us day to day. Interesting thought – in all the positives, it is harder to see the absence that is hiding.

  9. I have now been blogging for 6 months and I really LOVE my blogging buddies. We would all certainly miss you if you faded away for whatever reason. And who would I have to share coffee with in the blogosphere if not you. Thanks for the mention friend.
    And Val Erde and I were brought up in the same area of London aeons ago, although she is younger than me. And wittering is a word that my mother used to use and I haven’t heard it for absolutely ages until Val used it in one of her posts. And now you see, I can witter with the best of them. 🙂

    1. Witter is now a part of my vocabulary, Judith. I am grateful to Val for introducing me to such a fun word. How neat that you know the word, too. Glad we could trigger a childhood memory for you. We planned it that way. 🙂 I am amazed at how many people have just started to blog. I’ve been blogging for close to two years, yet it took me a year before I really found my buddies. I suppose in the beginning I kept to myself, not really exploring the thoughts of others, just staying inside my own sphere. I am glad I finally ventured out …

      1. I used to read blogs and sit on the sideline. Then I decided to venture forth and get involved. Now I am involved with people like you. Keep writing and wittering! 🙂

  10. I would definitely notice your absence .. and miss you … if you faded away. I’ve come to love (and depend on) my blogging buddies. It sounds odd to anyone but US 🙂

    Cheers! MJ

    1. As long as it sounds normal to us – I don’t care what others think. (smile)
      Thanks for your ongoing advice, MJ! I fear I’d fumble if you left the blogosphere. 🙂

  11. I just met you and I think I’d miss you. You left me hanging on the coffee house nutcase. I want to see Mr. Man taken down to the Mistaken Boy he is. No cameras in a coffee house. Who ever heard of such nonsense? Cameras and coffee houses go together like coffee ‘n chocolate. My favorite coffee houses display the work of local photogs on their walls for all of us to drool over. Phewp to Mr. Man.

    1. Linda, I love when I find a coffee house and see local artwork on the walls. I wish neighborhood coffee houses would pop up again. Local businesses tend to be more welcoming to their patrons. And patrons tend to have a greater appreciation for local businesses. I think Mr. Man was a Grumble Gus. At least he gave me something to write about that day. (smile)
      Thanks again for visiting. I enjoy seeing ‘newbies’ in the neighborhood. Hope to see you again.

  12. I often wonder things like that. If I were to die tomorrow who would miss me? I ask myself this every once in a while to locate what good I’m doing here on planet Earth. The scary part is when I can’t figure out who would miss me, if anyone….Yikes!

    1. Kimmie – If you make someone’s meal, do laundry or pick up after anyone in your life…. I’m willing to bet they would miss you within days. (smile)
      It’s good to see you! Thanks for visiting!

    1. There you go again, GG. Denying your crush. No worries, I’ve hired your friend, Todd.. Feel free to call him over to help you rearrange the furniture in your house. Don’t pay any attention to the wires – he’s not recording your conversations. I swear.

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