Saving $10 to spend $99.99 makes sense to me!

The phone rings. I check caller ID before determining whether or not I will answer the call.


“Is it true Joe has a $100 Lego set?” My neighbor asks.

“Um. Well.” I stammer. “Charlie does.”

We have boys. Boys love Legos. I work from home. Boys make noise. Legos quieten boys. Legos are expensive. I will work for Legos.

We are in the process of planning a trip to Florida to witness the last Shuttle launch. Originally scheduled for June 28th, the launch has been tentatively scheduled for early July. Nothing like pinning down dates and booking reservations for a tentatively scheduled event.

This morning I called my friend in Florida, to give her a heads up of the plans, which are set firmly in sand. While we were talking, she rattled off several things we could do while visiting, including going to a water park.

“Yeah,” I said. “That costs money.”

“The boys would really enjoy it, though.” She said.

“I’m sure they would enjoy it. But, they will also enjoy the hotel pool, your pool or the beach. We don’t need to spend additional money.”

As our conversation moves to hotels and schedules, my friend goes back to the water park. “You know, I think the water park has some reduced rates during the week you plan on being here. Maybe $10?”

“Yeah, but we are cheap. We spend our money on other things like ice cream and Legos.”

She laughs.

I confess, “I just spent $99.99 on a Lego set.”

Again laughing, she asks, “What set did you get?”

“The airport.”

“Alex is saving to get a Star Wars set.”

“My neighbor’s son saved his money, and he just bought a set from the City collection.”

“I can’t believe you will spend $99.99 on the Legos, but you balk on the water park.”

“My friend, the cost of silence is priceless!” I continue, “Joe and Charlie have been playing quietly and intently for the past two days, building, unbuilding and rebuilding the newest Lego set. The water park? It lasts one day. One day.”

Unbuilding is not a word.”

“Whatever. You know what I mean.”

Airport Lego Set: $99.99; Two boys working together at 7:25 AM: Priceless.

14 thoughts on “Saving $10 to spend $99.99 makes sense to me!

    1. Right now the boys are keeping the Legos contained in one area at a time. With two large dogs in the house, the boys know the Legos will disappear if left unprotected.

  1. HA! That’s it – blame it on me! But yeah, they do keep the kids quiet. *sigh* but think of all the FUN they could have at the water park!!!! :p And….maybe the guys (aka the husbands) can take the kids and WE can hang at the pool (or go to the beach) in total quiet. Betcha didn’t think of that one did ya?!

    1. Good thing you didn’t suggest that prior to my post – or else I wouldn’t have had a story to tell. 😀
      Now, excuse me while I go hunt down some extra money for the water park….

  2. Fun post, Lenore…I’ve stepped on a few Legos in my bare feet over the last 20 years or so…most painful thing ever!

    Hope you have fun on your trip!


    1. Ouch! Yes, stepping on Legos, Lincoln Logs and Little People is hard on the feet. Glad you enjoy the post. As I type, my oldest is in the bedroom diligently putting the airport together — for the 2nd time.

      We are looking forward to the trip, provided NASA gets their schedule written in pen. 🙂

      ~ Lenore

  3. “My friend, the cost of silence is priceless!”
    Bwahahaha! Truer words were never . . . communicated between people via some medium. 😀

    My son’s not quite at Lego age yet, but you can bet I’m storing this entry in the back of my mind for when he is! I occasionally have to work from home and it’s a gift when I can find two consecutive moments of silence for my more complex transactions.

    I’m also reluctant to pay for fleeting pleasures. I do pay the cash equivalent of an arm and a leg for my annual pass to Disneyland, but that’s because Ba.D. remains a little Disney-loving kids at heart, and our little one clearly already shares that love. Having the option of going there any time at all has been a really nice card to carry in our back pockets!

    1. I’m 42yrs old, and I’ve never seen either Disneyland or Disney World. I suspect the boys will see either one eventually. Though I think we’d need to give up our Lego and ice cream addiction first. Priorities. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting (and commenting), Deborah.

      1. If y’all ever do make it do Disneyland and feel like having lunch (or a second “dose” of ice cream!), drop me a note. I work five minutes away. 😀

  4. Great post & as a mom to 2 boys, oh so true. Our’s are 25 and 17 now and of the few classic toys we saved – 2 huge totes of Legos! Legos, the brio train set (w/ Thomas stuff), and all the Star Wars vehicles/planes/etc.

    There are not many toys that will get me on the floor with the grandkids but I will “get down” for Legos 🙂

    Cheers! MJ

    1. Thanks, MJ – I definitely “get down” and build with them when they are using their Legos, blocks or Lincoln Logs. Sure beats Chutes and Ladders! 🙂
      Thanks for visiting, glad you enjoyed it.
      ~ Lenore

  5. Love this! My 8 yr. old son lives for Legos. Saved his $ and bought a large Star Wars set the other day. Never again will I let him get a huge set on a school day- took us 3 hrs. to put it together.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Mariner2Mother. The boys have spent countless hours (literally hours) putting together and taking apart the sets. I’m amazed how much money I am getting out of these toys! (smile) Thanks for commenting. ~ Lenore

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