What is it Wednesday

It is time again for another installment of Wednesday’s “What is It?”. Which means, it is time again for me to repeat what I said last week at this time.

I challenge you to guess what my picture is today, and I invite you to create your own photo challenge. Tag your post with ‘mystery photo’, and use the hash-tag #mysteryphoto on Twitter.For the record, I think the photo today is an excellent challenge. I hope to stump many of you. Continue reading “What is it Wednesday”

Saving $10 to spend $99.99 makes sense to me!

The phone rings. I check caller ID before determining whether or not I will answer the call.


“Is it true Joe has a $100 Lego set?” My neighbor asks.

“Um. Well.” I stammer. “Charlie does.”

We have boys. Boys love Legos. I work from home. Boys make noise. Legos quieten boys. Legos are expensive. I will work for Legos. Continue reading “Saving $10 to spend $99.99 makes sense to me!”