While busy doing nothing …

Recently, I met a friend for the weekend. She drove south, and I drove north. We enjoyed staying in a hotel, surrounded by silence. Of course to my friend and I, silence means there are no kids bickering with each other, no gripes about what was made for dinner, and no whines when bedtime is announced. Our silence may have been broken by the television or our own dialogue, but we had control of the volume, the intensity, and the on/off button. Parental paradise.

While together, my friend and I enjoyed eating dinner out at a restaurant. You know – a restaurant. A restaurant is a place where one can order food to eat without having to make it. Even better, a restaurant is a place where they bring the food to your table, and they clean up the mess when you are finished eating. It is amazing! (I don’t get out much.) Continue reading “While busy doing nothing …”

Saving $10 to spend $99.99 makes sense to me!

The phone rings. I check caller ID before determining whether or not I will answer the call.


“Is it true Joe has a $100 Lego set?” My neighbor asks.

“Um. Well.” I stammer. “Charlie does.”

We have boys. Boys love Legos. I work from home. Boys make noise. Legos quieten boys. Legos are expensive. I will work for Legos. Continue reading “Saving $10 to spend $99.99 makes sense to me!”

Questioning the $599+ Hat Rack

Raise your hand if you’ve purchased exercise equipment with the full intention of using it. Now, keep your hands raised if the exercise equipment you purchased became an expensive clothes or hat rack. The only reason my hand is not raised is because I am typing. My Nordic Track sits in our bedroom, holding hats. (I quite like the contrast of the brown/black against the orange and green.) Continue reading “Questioning the $599+ Hat Rack”