40 Days Without Facebook and Twitter: Epilogue

Let me begin by saying, my brother informed me the day before Easter that I did not give up Facebook or Twitter. Because my posts were published on Facebook and Twitter during the 40-day Lenten observance, I – technically – did not give up either Facebook or Twitter. My brother-in-law (my husband’s side of the family) added his two cents and said he agreed with my brother. Maturely, while covering my ears, I say to my brother and brother-in-law “La la la la la la la…. I can’t hear you!”

For what it is worth, my brother added, “I suppose I could have expressed my opinion on day 1 vs. waiting until day 39.” Yes, Brother, you could have spoken sooner.

The biggest news that came from my Facebook and Twitter hiatus is the fact that I lost 7 lbs. Apparently, writing agrees with me. Apparently, I burned more calories racking my brain for words to write than I burned racking my brain stalking friends, family and acquaintances. My weight loss did not come from consuming less ice cream or fewer doughnuts. I assure you, I had my fair share (and then some) over the course of 40 days. Nor did my weight loss come from exercise. I am as lazy now as I was 40 days ago.

Please do not think I am bragging or boasting about my weight loss. Although, the fact that I can wear my jeans and remain in a seated position for hours on end without getting a stomach ache is worth a shout out, in my opinion.

Over the course of 40 days, I wrote and published 36 posts. Because I gave up Facebook and Twitter, I was able to focus on writing. Because I gave up Facebook and Twitter, I found wonderful blogs to read on a daily basis. Because I gave up Facebook and Twitter, I felt more connected with my kids.

Wait. If you replaced Facebook and Twitter with blogging, how did that leave more time to connect with your kids? You know what? I’m glad you asked me that question.

Because I gave up Facebook and Twitter, the thoughts that consume me on a daily basis were released in my writings. Because my thoughts were released in my writings, my mind had room for others around me. Because I gave up Facebook and Twitter, I played several games of Checkers, Go Fish and Crazy 8s with my boys. Several games. Several hundred games.

When I accessed Facebook for the first time after Lent, I was amazed at how much time I spent peeking into the lives of others. I looked at the clock when I was done eavesdropping and I literally said out loud, “What a time suck that was.” Even today, I am struggling to keep my focus solely on writing, knowing I have friends sending me notes via Facebook. And, what’s that? A blogger I follow just tweeted something. I must respond.

I enjoy seeing my friends and family on Facebook. Because I am accessing Facebook again, I was able to see a picture of my niece, Adventure Girl, engulfing a burger and fries like a hard working hiker. (On Saturday, I’ll share that picture with you.) Yet, as one of the Amherst Shore ‘Christie Bags’ noted, “I think Facebook should change “Friends” to “People with whom I have made eye contact”.” Fortunately, I’ve made eye contact with my Christie Bag (and Facebook) friend – what, two years ago?

If my writing has any chance of surviving, I have to limit my Facebook and Twitter time. Juggling motherhood, employment, household chores and other duties as assigned makes it hard enough to find quality writing time. Adding Facebook and Twitter to my routine increases the risk of losing precious writing time. More importantly, Facebook and Twitter may prevent me from staying on top of the wonderful blogs to which I subscribe. I love my ritual of reading my subscriptions first thing in the morning.

My Facebook and Twitter hiatus has ended. Depending on one’s opinion regarding technical issues, I successfully stayed away from Facebook and Twitter. While away, my blogging stats increased, and I made new friends within the blogosphere. In fact, losing 7lbs over the course of 40 days wasn’t the biggest news. For me, the biggest news was meeting and befriending Ms. Havocandshine. Who knew good things came from Alabama? I’m kidding, Alabama. Roll Tide! Er, I mean – Go Auburn! (Besides, Havocandshine is not from Alabama.)

Before I go, I want to share a picture with you. I baked a pound cake for one of the Easter gatherings. While baking, the cake overflowed on to the burner in the oven. I removed the glob before it literally lit up in flames. When I looked at the casualty I held it up for Rob to see and said, “Look! It’s a pound cake Peep!” You know – those marshmallow treats? Well, Rob laughed hard, and then he ate the pound cake Peep.

Behold: A crisp pound cake Peep.

10 thoughts on “40 Days Without Facebook and Twitter: Epilogue

  1. Wow, Lenore…7 lbs…I should give up Facebook…7 times! I don’t Twitter…

    Blogging pretty much cured the worst of my Facebook addiction, but I still play my word games online…

    Glad you find my blog…


  2. That’s it…..I’m giving up Facebook! Don’t tweet so maybe I will only lose 3.5 lbs.? Maybe it isn’t worth it. Or then again, maybe it is!
    Congrats Lenore!

  3. Good for you! On the weight loss and connecting with friends and playing with your kids more.

    I hear you on what a time suck things can be…I am slowly giving up facebook. I used to be on there way too much, now I mainly post some kid pics for my distant family to see and play a game or two. It feels good to be out of the facebook clutches! Twitter–I tried tweeting and only did maybe a handful of times, never got sucked into it. As for blogging, I love it, love the connections I’ve made and I too have that daily ritual of drinking my coffee every morning and reading up on my subscriptions. Beats reading the newspaper and all the dreary stories!

    1. Thanks, Darla. I have had such fun ‘meeting’ you and other bloggers. I genuinely look forward to updates in my subscription list. Easter weekend was so busy, I didn’t have time to go through my daily list of posts, and I hated it! Plus, once I had the time, the list of posts to read was long. I’m caught up now, though. Looking forward to your next post.
      Thanks again! ~ Lenore

  4. For a class, I had to conduct a 24-hour media fast: no TV, radio, iPod, cellphone, Facebook, computer, etc. I greatly enjoy it, and still do that every once in awhile. I spend the day outside, which is something I don’t really take enough time to do. I think I may try this 40-day fast … especially if it leads to weight loss! (Congrats!)

    1. Give up FB. Doooo it! It was fun, actually. I believe I wrote well during the 40 day hiatus, too. Well, give or take one or three. Since getting back on FB … I find my attention to writing is being pulled in a direction not conducive to good writing. Thanks for visiting. It is good to have you back. Especially with your latest post. ~ Lenore

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