The Fire Station

My day began much like Alexander. At least, that’s how I felt. After a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad night, I felt I was facing a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. And to top it off, I had to take my son to his class field trip.

Joe’s class was taking a tour of the local fire station. Joe had first hand experience with this particular station, too. One morning, when Joe was around  3 yrs old, I was trying to wake him up for daycare. I could not wake him. I dialed 911, the firemen came to our house and drove Joe to the emergency room of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Joe was fine, and the doctors attributed his extreme lethargy to low blood sugar.

To date, Joe still sees the truck on the road and says, “That’s my truck. I road it in it. I really want to do that again.” He’s a boy. Odds are in his favor that he will ride in one again. I digress; I’m sorry.

For the past several days, super-cell thunderstorms have ripped across the United States. Tornadoes left behind death and destruction. As of now, the death toll across 7 states is just under 300. Though we did not lose any loved ones or material things, our night was spent anxiously watching the radar and keeping our eyes on the paths of the storms.

Grumbling to myself, as I drove Joe to the fire station, I reviewed what annoyed me from the previous night and early morning. (Reviewing what annoys you is a good way to feed the crankiness. Don’t you think?) I was cranky, and I related to Alexander. This was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

We arrived at the station. Joe got out of the car and joined his classmates, and I stayed in the car, observing the group from afar. Still grumbling to myself, I started to turn my attention to the kids. Listening intently to the firemen explain all the nobs, buttons, ropes and switches on the fire engine, the kids were smiling brightly. What is it about fire men, fire trucks and fire stations that captivate us so much?

Suddenly, I was teary eyed and my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day changed. Yes, I was sleep deprived and hormonal. Still, I realized while I watched these kids become mesmerized by the firefighters, other firefighters were responding to the devastation and destruction from the past several days. Firefighters in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia are on the job and in the field. The firefighters are responding to the needs of others. The firefighters are doing their job.

I remain thankful for the firemen that rescued Joe, several years ago. Moreover, I am thankful for all the firefighters and first responders. When these brave men and women go to work, their job puts their lives at risk for the sole purpose of saving us. Amazing.

By the way, does an unattractive fireman exist? I’ve yet to see one. Hubba hubba.

16 thoughts on “The Fire Station

  1. Nothing like a man with a red hat and suspenders. Big trucks do turn a gal’s head. Nice post! I like the cross generational theme.

  2. I’m with you!! We’ve all had days like that … when we woke up feeling like yesterday’s toast. But I tell you what .. a morning at the Fire Station just might fix what ails ya. Fun stuff …


  3. My mom’s family is full of firefighters and paramedics (the third generation is just starting)…it’s an important job, and I’m very proud of those men and women who do it every day!

    Stay safe, Lenore!


  4. “By the way, does an unattractive fireman exist? I’ve yet to see one. Hubba hubba.”

    Like you, I’ve yet to meet an unattractive fireman. (I live a block from our neighborhood fire station, and you’d better believe I’m constantly looking for the eyesore! Luckily my toddler loves looking at the fire engine, so there’s lots of time to, erm, “assess the situation.”)

    Like you, I am so grateful to the men and women who risks their lives daily that my own life–and my son’s life–be a little safer.

    1. That’s funny, Deborah. I’m a bit jealous you live so close to a fire station. I wouldn’t mind living closer to prove (or disprove) my theory. Please continue to assess the situation and keep me posted.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting. I hope you’ll come back again.
      Here’s to the first responders and firefighters!!
      ~ Lenore

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