Watch your mouth

I did not marry my high school sweetheart. Of course, one has to have a high school sweetheart to get the chance of marrying one’s high school sweetheart, and … well, I did not have a high school sweetheart.

I had a kindergarten sweetheart. No, I didn’t marry my kindergarten sweetheart, either. I’m not sure the feeling was mutual back in kindergarten. I vaguely remember something about cooties, though the doctor never confirmed I had cooties. Continue reading “Watch your mouth”

40 Days Without Facebook and Twitter: Epilogue

Let me begin by saying, my brother informed me the day before Easter that I did not give up Facebook or Twitter. Because my posts were published on Facebook and Twitter during the 40-day Lenten observance, I – technically – did not give up either Facebook or Twitter. My brother-in-law (my husband’s side of the family) added his two cents and said he agreed with my brother. Maturely, while covering my ears, I say to my brother and brother-in-law “La la la la la la la…. I can’t hear you!”

For what it is worth, my brother added, “I suppose I could have expressed my opinion on day 1 vs. waiting until day 39.” Yes, Brother, you could have spoken sooner. Continue reading “40 Days Without Facebook and Twitter: Epilogue”

Addictions. One year later.

Addictions come in all kinds of flavors. That was the title of a post I wrote a year ago today – March 30, 2010. As my 40-day journey without Facebook and Twitter continues, (I’ve reached the halfway point) I am no longer able to deny the fact that I was (ahem, am) addicted to those social media outlets. Conversations of rationalizations continue to pop up in my head, “You could just log on for a second. See if anyone has sent you an important message. You don’t want to appear rude by not responding, do you?”

Nonsense. Continue reading “Addictions. One year later.”