What is your legacy?

When a tragedy strikes, we often take an inventory of our life. After the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, I am willing to bet you’ve paused and wondered “what if”.

My heart goes out to each and every family member affected by this tragedy, including the family of the shooter. I ache for the survivors, knowing their minds will never forget the images or sounds from that night. Continue reading “What is your legacy?”

Where have all the bloggers gone?

It’s happening again, for the third or forth day in a row.

I access my WordPress account, ready to read my version of the morning paper, only to find a note that reads, “Nothing to read! Why not find your friends, subscribe to some blogs, or have a look at Freshly Pressed?”

What? What do you mean there is nothing to read? I follow many wonderful blogs/bloggers. What do you mean there is nothing to read? Where have all the bloggers gone? Continue reading “Where have all the bloggers gone?”