Grover, Grubs and Go Fish

We’re flying into the weekend! Woo hoo! Were you here last week? If so, you know my Friday posts are a potpourri of things from the week. Here you will find what Grover and I have in common with one another and how my son can influence girls, all while enjoying a game (or 20 gabilion) of Go Fish!

.:: Hello Everybodeee!
As a kid (or as an adult), did you ever read the Golden Book “The Monster at the End of this Book, Starring Lovable Furry Old Grover”? I did. I read that book over and over again. It was my favorite book, when I was a kid. I have since read it to my boys, over and over again. They like the book, too.

In case you are not familiar with the book, the gist is that Grover thinks there is a monster at the end of the book. Grover doesn’t like monsters. So, he does what any lovable furry old creature would do, he tries to stop you from turning pages and bringing him to the end of the book. He nails the pages together, ties the pages together and my favorite – tries to build a brick wall to prevent you from turning pages. (I am very strong.)

Today – Friday – reminds me of Grover’s book. You see, just like Grover didn’t want the reader to turn pages and get to the end of the book, I didn’t really want the days to end and take me to the end of this week. See, last week, during my 2nd interview for a potential new part-time job, I was told a decision was expected to be made by the end of next week. This week. The end of this week. *gulp*

Like Grover, I have tired my hardest to slow the week, giving my possible future employer time to contact me and tell me I got the job. I tried to eat my way through the day, hoping stomach aches would make the day endless. Alas, the pain subsided and the sun rose. I tried to stay busy with my paid gig, as well as household chores. Though tasks were tackled, the sun still set and rose again, bringing me closer to the end of this week.

And, here it is. The end of the week. No calls. No emails. I won’t give away the ending to Grover’s journey, but my journey seems to have ended on a sad note. I’m sure I’ll find another opportunity. I honestly believe God plays a role in our lives. He has another job in mind for me, and I’ll do my best to patiently move forward and find the opportunity that He says is right for me.

Maybe, as I go through the steps of interviewing for the next opportunity, I’ll ease up on the doughnut and ice cream consumption. Naaaah. That’s just crazy talk!


.:: Boy meets girl. Boy gives girl grub
Earlier this week, I shared with you how my oldest, Joe, loves grubs. Well, one afternoon after school, we were playing outside with our neighbor’s girls. Before we went inside, Joe and Charlie ran home to get their grubs. They wanted to show the grubs to their friend, Sarah. (Lucky her, eh?)

When I saw the boys approaching Sarah with the familiar containers, I shuddered. I also warned my neighbor what was about to go down. I dared my neighbor to look at the grub worms. Dared her. She did. And for some reason, she is no longer speaking to me. Oh, I’m kidding. But, she may never bake me cookies again.

Watching Joe and Charlie show Sarah the grubs was fascinating. Joe took out one of the grubs and handed it to Sarah. And you know what? Sarah took it! True story! She held that stark white, segmented thing growing black pinchers. She held it, and she listened as Joe told her how to hold grubs. Folks, it was crazy! Man, do I ever love my boys. And that chick Sarah? If her appreciation for the uglier things in life continues, she’ll be a hit with all the guys!

The grub exchange taking place.


The explanation of how to handle and care for these legless creatures.


The loyal assistant to the entomologist shares his grub collection with the eager observer.


.:: Do you have any 8s?
Three weeks ago, our boys spent the weekend with my Mom and oldest sister. During their visit, my Mom and sister taught our boys how to play the card game Go Fish. We have played Go Fish every day and most nights, since the boys returned home.

Our youngest begins his request to play the card game of pairs the instant he pops out of bed. The request continues until bedtime, with a promise we can play again in the morning.

One night this week, all four of us played a couple of games of Go Fish. What fun was had! I must tell you, I enjoy the game of Fish far more than Chutes and Ladders or Candyland. And, as my boys master the skill needed for Go Fish, I find myself anticipating future games of Hearts and Spades. Oh how I love Hearts and Spades. But for now, I’ll enjoy things that come in twos. Speaking of which, do you have any 2s?


Be kind. Take care of yourself and each other.

2 thoughts on “Grover, Grubs and Go Fish

  1. Love this friday set. When I was in third grade, our teacher bought these baby beetles for the entire class. They looked like little beige caterpillars… Anywho, the grubs story took me back 🙂 Happy weekend!

    1. Beige colored caterpillars – a perfectly nice way to describe the ugly little things. (smile) I am glad you were fortunate enough to have a very cool teacher back in the day. (hee, hee) Thanks for visiting, Sheyra-E!

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