Make it Stop :: A Drabble

Salutations! I hope this day finds you feeling fine – better yet, I hope this day finds you feeling magnificent. Why not aim high, eh?

As is the case whenever there is a “Wednesday’s What is It?”, my work of short-fiction exactly 100 words in length (aka a drabble) will reveal the mystery photo I posted on Wednesday. And, once again there was a mystery photo, so the drabble includes the answer. Continue reading “Make it Stop :: A Drabble”

Being Pulled :: A Drabble

Happy Friday, Kids. First, I need to extend an apology. Oh, no, I am not apologizing for the tough photo challenge this week. Nope. I quite enjoyed the fact that no one got it right. Mwahahahaha!

I am apologizing for the fact that I have not responded to comments or read other blogs in days/weeks. I’ve been busy with work and school things, and I have not had the time energy to stay on top of the “relaxing” part of my life. Things should settle down significantly after today, though. Continue reading “Being Pulled :: A Drabble”