Doughnuts. Strawberry rhubarb doughnuts.

So this week, my favorite doughnut place is making strawberry rhubarb jelly filled doughnuts. Strawberry rhubarb. What memories this brings back to me.

Growing up, my Dad had a garden in the front yard. Among the goodies he grew was rhubarb. I love reflecting back to the memory of my Dad and his garden. (The picture I included on my ‘Who is this babbler?‘ page shows me sitting next to my prized pumpkin, which I grew in my Dad’s garden.) In addition to my Dad’s garden, I remember my Mom’s pies. Mum used to make strawberry rhubarb pies, using the rhubarb from my Dad’s garden.

When I noticed my favorite doughnut place was serving strawberry rhubarb doughnuts, I emailed them and asked for a picture. I wanted to send a picture of the doughnut to my sister, Jane. I’ve been teasing her about the doughnuts. Everything about Dutch Monkey Doughnuts (DMD) is mouthwatering, including the emails:

Lenore –

I haven’t taken a picture of them–they look just like all of our other jelly bismarcks, with the powdered sugar on top and jelly in the middle.   We will have them tomorrow, and later this weekend, we’ll have Fresh Strawberry Rhubarb bismarcks as well.   Those will be made with vanilla-poached rhubarb and fresh strawberries stuffed into a doughnut with vanilla buttercream.   🙂

Fresh strawberry rhubarb bismarks, with vanilla-poached rhubarb?! [Insert Homer Simpson’s drooling sounds here.] Oh, and let me add, DMD scrapes their own vanilla beans.:

“When you come to our shop in the mornings, you can see us boiling, peeling, and ricing the potatoes that soften the dough; chopping fresh granny smith apples for our fritters; peeling fresh bananas for banana jam; scraping juicy Tahitian vanilla beans for the Boston Cream custard; and cracking farm fresh eggs for the citrus curds.   There’s no substitute for quality–you just have to work harder to make it happen.”

I realize some people are not fans of doughnuts. That’s fine. But, these are not your ordinary doughnuts. In fact, I dare you to explore DMD’s doughnut gallery; if you are not overcome with the temptation to try one of their doughnuts, please let me know.

Fresh strawberry bismark

You won’t find DMD doughnuts in an office break room. Nope. To taste the best, you need to make the drive. If you live within a 50 mile radius of Dutch Monkey Doughnuts in Cumming, GA, it is worth the drive. Be advised, the doughnuts are pricey. Freshly scraped vanilla beans don’t come cheap. Also, the earlier in the day you get to the doughnut shop, the better.

While still anxious about whether or not I got the job, it should come as no surprise that I am making plans to head to DMD this Saturday. I am going to buy some fresh strawberry rhubarb bismarks for my family. My current crazed state has caused me to send out a note to my siblings (well, the four living in GA), offering to deliver DMD doughnuts to them on Saturday. Who knows, this may lead to me starting a doughnut delivery business. Stay tuned. In the meantime, maybe I’ll see you at DMD this weekend! Happy eating!

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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