How do you spell crazy? L E N O R E

Keep swimming. Keep swimming. Isn’t that what Dora says in the movie “Finding Nemo”? Well, I’m not swimming, but I am telling myself to ‘keep moving; keep moving.’ Honestly, if you knew how many times I’ve mentally covered my ears and yelled “La la la la la! I can’t hear you!” to the voices in my head, you’d call the authorities, fearing the safety of my kids.

My kid's pet grub, which really is a beetle larvae.

Rest assured, the kids are safe. My oldest is keeping vigil over his grub. The mouth of the soon-to-be large, black beetle is starting to appear. (And you think I am crazy? My kid has a fondness for grubs!)

The youngest is still at daycare. I’ll pick him up soon. Promise.

As I was saying, at one point or another, I am doing my best to keep busy. I am still overwhelmed with nervous energy waiting for the thumbs up or thumbs down on the job. With each passing day, I feel myself resigning to the fact that I did not get the job. However, when I mention that thought to my friends, they optimistically remind me, “It is only Wednesday.” True. So, I’ll keep swimming busy.

While keeping busy, I’ve upgraded my blog theme. Am I the only one who spends money when stressed? Because, yeah, the blog theme upgrade was not a free upgrade. I bought a ‘premium’ theme. Oooooh! Aaaaaah! I also bought four Woot! shirts yesterday, and two pints of Ben and Jerry’s. Oh yes, folks, I am calm, cool and collected. No anxieties here. Nervous? Me? Please. I laugh in the face of nervousness …. Ha! Ha! Haaaa! *sigh*

Back to the new blog theme I purchased. Wow. I had a panic attack trying to get the thing set up properly. For the most part, I’m still a WordPress (WP) novice. Although today, while keeping busy, I have learned new WP skills. I now know how to insert a ‘read more’ tag. (Big stuff for this little person, folks!) And, I finally know my way around uploading a feature image.

The Grub-finding Tool

I swear, while I navigated around my new theme, I felt like my parents, as they navigated around the VCR or microwave. No doubt, my 6yr old would have figured out the formatting and functionality of WP in seconds. I would have asked him for assistance, but I didn’t want to disturb his grub vigil. *shuddder*

By the way, don’t you dare call the grub ugly – at least don’t tell my 6yr old you think it is ugly. He believes the grub is cute. Why? Well, as he told me, “It’s cute, because it is a baby, and it will grow up to be a big beetle.” Okay Joe. Okay. In the meantime, I think I need to find something else to buy or eat. Gotta keep busy!

And no, smarty pants. I did not eat BOTH pints of ice cream last night. Duh! I had to save one for tonight. Hellooo?!

2 thoughts on “How do you spell crazy? L E N O R E

  1. Enjoy the Ben and Jerry’s! I’ve had a trying week full of stress but the main thing keeping me swimming is the knowledge that there’s some lovely Girl Scout Thin Mints chillin’ in the freezer for me. 😉

    Enjoy your blog upgrade! I am still trying to figure out “widgets” on mine…I’m afraid I’m not very techy LOL

    1. Mmmm… Thin mint cookies. I hope your stressful week comes to a peaceful close, and you are able to enjoy your weekend. And, good luck to you and the widgets. (smile) That’s a work in progress for me, too.

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