How do you spell crazy? L E N O R E

Keep swimming. Keep swimming. Isn’t that what Dora says in the movie “Finding Nemo”? Well, I’m not swimming, but I am telling myself to ‘keep moving; keep moving.’ Honestly, if you knew how many times I’ve mentally covered my ears and yelled “La la la la la! I can’t hear you!” to the voices in my head, you’d call the authorities, fearing the safety of my kids. Read more

Observations at the Playground

Playground by Christi Vondrak

What a difference a few hours of sleep make. Yesterday, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Our boys spent the first half of the day outside at our house. They dug around some old wood piles and found many large black beetles. Quite fond of their new ‘pets’, the boys found buckets and proceeded to make a new homes for the beetles. These beetles provided hours of entertainment for the boys, to the point that it was hard getting the boys to take their naps due to a bit of separation anxiety. Read more