Welcome to Downtown Looneyville. Population: Me!

Tom Petty sang the truth with his lyrics, “The waiting is the hardest part.” Throughout our life, time and time again, we come to a point where – after frantically readying ourselves – we have to wait. Hurry up and wait.

We wait for results from an important school exam. We wait to find whether or not we made it into the school of choice. We wait for results from a medical test. We wait to hear from a potential new employer.

Currently, I am waiting on a potential new employer. I stink at the waiting game. Raise your hand if you excel at the waiting game. You, in the red shirt. Yes, you. You stink at waiting, too. Put your hand down.

After the interview last week, I was told a decision would be made this week. I’m waiting. While I wait, my back is tense and my head is pounding. While I wait, my stomach is in knots. [Note to my friend Carol: I feel like I am about to go on a date.] While I wait, I am bombarded with thoughts of food but no real appetite to consume what I am craving. While I wait, the vivacious voices in my head are vigorously, volleying visions of various verdicts.

Please. Take a moment to enjoy that last sentence. I sure had fun writing it.

My mind is clamoring for distractions and diversions. I am trying to stay busy. And, in an effort to drown out the voices in my head, I am trying to fill it with songs by Phil Collins. Unfortunately, ‘Sussudio’ only increases the volume of the voices in my head.

My friends are reaching out to me. My friends are trying to help me by suggesting I eat a doughnut or two or eat a pint of ice cream. I love my friends.

Clearly, I am a stable person; as a stable person, I am the perfect fit for the position for which I have applied. The employer would do well by hiring me. I’m sure I could contain the voices, once I get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Yes, the voices would certainly settle down with a definitive ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’. My need to repeat myself – my need for redundancy – would dissipate with a ‘welcome aboard’ or ‘walk the plank’.

Ugh! The voices, the tension, the knot-filled stomach …. I’m going crazy! And to top off my crazed state, I have gas!! No worries. It’s not stinky gas. I think I’m going to throw up. But seriously, I’m the right person for the job. Honest!

Domino Effect by Aled Lewis (Courtesy of Shirt.Woot.com)

.:: The Domino Effect (A Two for Tuesday Bonus Post!)
My apologies. In addition to having non-stinky gas, I am a Woot! addict. More specifically, I am a Shirt.Woot! addict. Had I not given up Facebook and Twitter, I would be sharing today’s shirt with my social network world. Alas, as Lent continues, so does my abstinence from Facebook and Twitter. Still, the need to share is too strong to push aside. So, here it is my beloved blog beauties. Shirt.Woot’s shirt of the day (3.22.11) is titled “The Domino Effect”, with a curvy line of dominoes set up and ready to tumble with just one touch. I love this shirt. More than likely, I will add this shirt to my collection of Woot! shirts. Feel free to access the Shirt.Woot link on the sidebar (=====>) and buy a shirt for yourself, too!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Downtown Looneyville. Population: Me!

  1. Love this and love your voice- “you in the red shirt, put your hand down”, LOL!

    I too, stink at waiting. Good luck with the job- how could they NOT hire you? You obviously reek of charisma!

    p.s. facebook and twitter for lent? I could never!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes I am able to overcome my PTMS and be witty. Sometimes. (smile) Loved your PTMS post, by the way. Not that I can relate or anything. 🙂

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