Cacy’s Creations: Brenda’s Break

Hello. My name is Cacy. I am a chronic people watcher. When I am in a public place, my friends often have to repeat themselves, because I am too busy watching people. I suppose it is annoying to those trying to tell me something. But, I quite enjoy it. And, I quite enjoy my creations, Cacy’s Creations.

Today is Tuesday, and I am meeting a friend at a local cafe. I arrived early, so I could get my fill of people watching. I don’t want to appear too rude to my friend, though she no doubt expects me to pay little attention to what she has to say. I suggested we just visit at home – either hers or mine – but she wanted coffee. Apparently, neither one of us are good coffee makers.

There is a woman across from me. When she initially sat down, I thought she was doing a devotional of some sort. But, as I snooped further and stared longer, I decided she was updating her resume. That is a common practice these days. The economy is not doing too well. I know so many people who have been laid off. It’s almost anti-climatic now, when someone tells you he has lost his job. You want to be compassionate, because you know they are in a tough spot. Still, there are so many others like him. Anyhoo . .

This woman, Brenda, is wearing a heather black sweater with a red shirt underneath. She has on black pants and black shoes. She’s wearing a wedding ring, and she needs her reading glasses when – well, reading. And, I am certain she lives around the corner. She drives a Toyota Camry, but the year of her car was not included in the recent recall. She wants a new car, and her husband promises it is on the list of things to buy. However, because she was recently laid off work, she and her husband are holding off on car shopping.

Brenda didn’t really need to work. Her kids have already graduated from college and are starting their own families. Well, her oldest son hasn’t settled down yet, but they are optimistic about his current girlfriend, Julie. Brenda sees herself in Julie, minus 30+ years, of course. Brenda is looking for another job, because she enjoys being busy. She enjoys her downtime, too, which is obvious. Because, Brenda has quickly stopped working on her resume and started reading her book. She recently picked up ‘Hot Rocks’ by Nora Roberts. So far so good, she thinks. And she drifts away into Nora’s world.

Startled by someone cleaning the table next to her, Brenda checks her watch. It is almost 6pm. She had a few more minutes of reading time, before she had to pack up and head home. Her husband, God love him, expected her to be home when he returned from work. He also expected dinner either made or cooking. His expectations didn’t bother Brenda, especially since she wasn’t working. She enjoyed cooking, though she wouldn’t cry if the ability was taken away from her. More importantly, she loved her husband. She loved doing for her husband, and she knew her husband loved doing for her. Brenda doesn’t have a perfect marriage, she struggles like most of us. But, she is happy.

She finds a good spot to stop reading, picks up her laminated bookmark and places it securely in the book. She gathers her things, including her still incomplete resume. Wrapping a fluffy black scarf around her neck, she prepares to face the cold outside. And within seconds, Brenda is at the door. A man holds the door for Brenda, and lets her walk out. She smiles and thanks him. He nods and finds a table for one. His name is Thomas.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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