Me, my life and Legos

Back in March, I interviewed for the perfect part-time job. This part-time job was going to fit in beautifully with my current part-time job. Together, the two part-time jobs would ensure we would have enough money to support my ice cream addiction enroll both boys in a private school. After a telephone interview, I was asked to come in to their office for a face to face interview. As I left their office, I was informed a decision was going to be made that Friday. The rest of the week, I was anxiously awaiting the news.

Though my friends and family did their best to appease me with positive thoughts, the reality that I did not get the job was becoming obvious. Either that, or the folks in the company decided to go on hiatus and follow Charlie Sheen’s “Violent Torpedo of  Truth” tour. Continue reading “Me, my life and Legos”

What is your passion?

What is your passion? About what are you passionate?

I was asked those questions last week during a job interview. My answer? “I don’t know.”

After saying I didn’t know, I looked left, and I looked right. Then I asked out loud, “What am I passionate about?” (Please ignore my poor grammar, Mum.)

“Writing.” I said quickly – assuming responding to the question 8 minutes later is considered quickly. “I love to write. I’ve always loved to write.”

“Have you ever been published or paid for your written work?”

Oh sure. Try to put my writing in a box. My passion is pointless unless I’m paid or published, eh? I thought to myself.  “No. I haven’t published anything. I wrote for a local magazine for a couple of years, but it was not a paid gig.”

“Do you have any other passions?”

“Do I have any other passions?” Again, I look to the left, and I look to the right. And again I respond, “I don’t know.” Continue reading “What is your passion?”

Welcome to Downtown Looneyville. Population: Me!

Tom Petty sang the truth with his lyrics, “The waiting is the hardest part.” Throughout our life, time and time again, we come to a point where – after frantically readying ourselves – we have to wait. Hurry up and wait.

We wait for results from an important school exam. We wait to find whether or not we made it into the school of choice. We wait for results from a medical test. We wait to hear from a potential new employer. Continue reading “Welcome to Downtown Looneyville. Population: Me!”