Waiting Rooms and Men in Hats

I had a doctor’s appointment this  morning. Due to shortness of breath and some chest pains, I wanted to get my heart checked. All looks good. No worries. Took a stress test and passed. (Not sure if that means that ‘yes, you do have stress’.)

The appointment experience was fantastic! I really had a nice time. Now, I did get off to a rough start because I had a hard time finding the office building. But, once I realize the ‘Lifetime Fitness-looking’ building was actually a medical office complete with a very large sign, I – well, I felt stupid. The building was so obvious I was oblivious. The clock on the sign-in desk was also so obvious that I proceeded to not see it and ask, “What time is it?” So. Not the best start.

The staff was amazing. From the woman who kindly pointed out the clock on the counter, to the last person to whom I spoke, every one I interacted with was incredibly  helpful and friendly. Unfortunately, the wait wasn’t long. I quite enjoy sitting in waiting rooms. First, I had a good book with me. Second, I love to people watch, when I am not reading the good book I brought with me.

In the short time I had, I did notice several cute old couples. Seeing a cardiologist, I was not surprised at the age of the clientele. Nor was I surprised with their sense of style. One can look back and see really crazy styles of youth – parachute pants, shoulder pads, bell bottoms, etc. But when you look at the styles of the older generations – the style is sharp, clean and neat. I am speaking in general terms, of course. And, I am mainly speaking of men. Older women are very stylish, too. But, women tend to be stylish for life. It’s a gift.

I noticed so many older men with hats today. I love that style. But, when you are in your teens, twenties, thirties or even your forties – hats aren’t a standard accessory. Sure, sure, some would argue a knit cap or ball cap is a hat donned by many in their young years. I’m not talking about knit or ball caps. I am talking about Bowler (derby), Cloche, Fedora and Trilby hats. Goodness, I even saw a very sharp dressed man in the parking lot wearing a very nice hat that looked like a cross between a Cowboy hat and a Fedora hat. He also wore a duster coat and cowboy boots. He was a sharp dressed man, and yes – I did hear ZZ Top playing in my head as I watched him walk by me. By the way, he walked into Uncle Julio’s Fine Mexican restaurant. I made a mental note to myself to eat there one day.

As I drove to work, I wondered if this ‘old generational’ style would fade as the older generation faded. Then I thought about my generation, and the fact that we will be the older generation in time. [Quickly passing time, by the way.] I wonder if my husband will suddenly don a Fedora when he turns . . . say . . . 60. I doubt it. He does wear his Tilley hat on occasion, but you aren’t going to find him in a waiting room wearing his Tilley hat.

Perhaps, with people like Justin Timberlake donning Fedoras, the style will stick around for more ‘older generations’. I sure hope so. You men look very nice in hats. Here’s to you aging with style.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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