Cacy’s Creations: Brenda’s Break

Hello. My name is Cacy. I am a chronic people watcher. When I am in a public place, my friends often have to repeat themselves, because I am too busy watching people. I suppose it is annoying to those trying to tell me something. But, I quite enjoy it. And, I quite enjoy my creations, Cacy’s Creations.

Today is Tuesday, and I am meeting a friend at a local cafe. I arrived early, so I could get my fill of people watching. I don’t want to appear too rude to my friend, though she no doubt expects me to pay little attention to what she has to say. I suggested we just visit at home – either hers or mine – but she wanted coffee. Apparently, neither one of us are good coffee makers. Continue reading “Cacy’s Creations: Brenda’s Break”