Ring Around the Rosy

I have not written a new post in nearly a week. I just told Rob that the voices in my head are so loud, I find it hard to maintain my composure when the real world becomes noisy.

My goal is to release the crazies within the next two day.

Before shutting down my computer and heading to a gathering of friends, I found this video of the boys. Filmed in 2008, the boys were ages 3 and 2. As I watched, I smiled widely and the voices were silent. Peace. God, I love my boys. Continue reading “Ring Around the Rosy”

Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Claus

We are lucky enough to live within 5 miles of Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Beginning on Thanksgiving, Santa and his wife open their house to the public every night thru Christmas Eve.

Santa begins the decorating process early in October, adding new decorations every year. We enjoy driving by their house in the fall, watching Santa prepare his grounds wearing his standard blue jeans and a red shirt. I don’t know that I’ve ever driven by Santa’s house and not seen him in a red shirt and jeans. Continue reading “Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Claus”

Proof of what I’m not certain, nor do I think it needed to be proven.

If Maineiac can do it, I can do it. Right? I mean, she makes it look fun. She makes it look easy. And, she showed no signs of nervousness. Check it out for yourself; Maineiac posted a Vlog.

Me? I’m sweating just thinking about it. Good thing I am wearing deodorant.

Because Maineac did it. I’m going to do it. Please know, this does not mean I would jump off a bridge or drive off a cliff if Maineac did either one of those things.

ACK. I’m nervous. Continue reading “Proof of what I’m not certain, nor do I think it needed to be proven.”