Off the Cuff

Though this may comes as a surprise to you, the thoughts I share within this blog are filtered. Well, the thoughts are filtered to some extent. However today, the filter is broken. Let the deluge of unfiltered thinking begin.

It started with the question (and thought) from a friend, “I was wondering what your plans were for the boys during summer and other breaks? It just occurred to me as I’m processing, once you are full time, you’ll have to add full time summer care to your yearly budget.” Continue reading “Off the Cuff”

Cacy’s Creations: Brenda’s Break

Hello. My name is Cacy. I am a chronic people watcher. When I am in a public place, my friends often have to repeat themselves, because I am too busy watching people. I suppose it is annoying to those trying to tell me something. But, I quite enjoy it. And, I quite enjoy my creations, Cacy’s Creations.

Today is Tuesday, and I am meeting a friend at a local cafe. I arrived early, so I could get my fill of people watching. I don’t want to appear too rude to my friend, though she no doubt expects me to pay little attention to what she has to say. I suggested we just visit at home – either hers or mine – but she wanted coffee. Apparently, neither one of us are good coffee makers. Continue reading “Cacy’s Creations: Brenda’s Break”